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World Cancer Day 2021: What are Blood Cancers, Types, Symptoms, Treatment and data in India? – Jagran Josh

By daniellenierenberg

World Cancer Day 2021: It is observed on 4 February every year and this year the theme is "I Am and I Will".The campaign shows that our actions have an impact on everyone around us, within our neighbourhoods, communities, and cities. This year is a reminder of the enduring power of cooperation and collective action i.e. together, all our actions matter.

What are Blood Cancers?

It is a type of cancer that affects blood cells and affects the production and function of blood cells.

This type of cancer starts in the bone marrow which is the main source of blood production.

It occurs when abnormal blood cells start growing out of control and interrupt the function of normal blood cells that fight off infection and produce new blood cells.

World Cancer Day 2021: Current Theme, History and Key Facts

Blood Cancer: Types

Mainly, there are three types of blood cancers namely leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.


It is a blood cancer that originates in the blood and bone marrow. It is caused by the rapid production of abnormal white blood cells and interferes with the bone marrow's ability to make red blood cells and platelets. These high numbers of abnormal white blood cells are not able to fight infection.


This type of blood cancer affects the lymphatic system, which removes excess fluids from the body and produces immune cells. As we know that lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that fights infection. Therefore, abnormal lymphocytes become lymphoma cells that multiply and collect in the lymph nodes and other tissues. And over time, these cancerous cells impair the immune system of the body.


It is a type of blood cancer that begins in the plasma cells of blood which is a type of white blood cell made in the bone marrow. Plasma cells are white blood cells that produce antibodies to fight against infection and disease in the body. So, myeloma cells prevent the normal production of antibodies which make the immune system weak and susceptible to infection.

Blood Cancer: Symptoms

Loss of appetite, nausea

Fever, chills

Night sweats

Persistent fatigue, weakness

Unexplained weight loss

Bone/joint pain

Shortness of breath

Abdominal discomfort

Frequent infections

Itchy skin or skin rash

Swollen lymph nodes in the neck, underarms or groin

Delirium and confusion

Decreased urination and difficulty while urinating

What is High Grade Metastatic Cancer?

Blood Cancer: Treatment

On the type of cancer, treatment depends and how fast the cancer is progressing, where cancer has spread, and other factors. Some common treatment for blood cancer are:

Chemotherapy: In this anticancer cancer drugs are provided to the patient to interfere with and stop the growth of cancer cells in the body. In blood cancer, in chemotherapy treatment, sometimes several drugs are given together in a set regimen. This treatment may also be given before a stem cell transplant.

Radiation therapy: In this type of cancer treatment high-energy rays are given to kill cancer cells. It may also be given before a stem cell transplant.

Stem cell transplantation: In this type of treatment, healthy stem cells are infused into the patient body to help resume healthy blood production following therapy to destroy malignant blood cells. Stem cells may be collected from the bone marrow, circulating blood, and umbilical cord blood.

Blood Cancer in India

In India, over 20,000 new cases of childhood blood cancer are diagnosed every year of which nearly 15,000 of those cases are leukemia as per Globocan 2020.

The most common type of blood cancer is leukemia that affects children and teens (0-19 years) and one of the leading causes of death.

As per some studies, India ranks 3rd highest in reported cases of Blood Cancer after the US and China. Several factors are responsible like low accessibility of affordable healthcare in rural areas, lack of awareness and education on Blood Cancer, etc.

So, now you may have come to know about the blood cancer, types, symptoms, treatment, etc.

GK Questions and Answers on Types of Cancers

World Cancer Day 2021: What are Blood Cancers, Types, Symptoms, Treatment and data in India? - Jagran Josh

To Read More: World Cancer Day 2021: What are Blood Cancers, Types, Symptoms, Treatment and data in India? – Jagran Josh
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Heidi Klum loves to pamper her skin with goodies from Drunk Elephant and Glossier – Woman & Home

By daniellenierenberg

With her sun-kissed hair and flawless golden skin, it's easy to forget that Heidi Klum is in her mid 40s. Genetics certainly help. But so do Heidi Klum's favourite skincare products by Glossier and Drunk Elephant, plus a reminder of home courtesy of German beauty brand The Cream by Augustinus Bader.

In a rare selfie, Klum showed off the Perfectil Hair Skin And Nails Vitamins she takes daily, alongside this smorgasbord of beauty products, which proves the supermodel takes her skincare seriously.

Here are some of her favourite products:

More from womanandhome:

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Resurfacing Night Serum

This night serum contains a hefty dose of glycol acid to exfoliate built-up dead skin cells and resurface dull, uneven skin. Expect brighter, smoother skin when you wake.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial 25% AHA + 2% BHA Mask

If you like to feel a product working, you'll positive love this mask. Like an AHA/BHA facial in a bottle, it resurfaces skin to reveal greater clarity and improved skin tone.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

This vitamin C day serum is packed with antioxidants to protect skin from urban aggressors.

Glossier Solution

A liquid exfoliator that you apply a bit like toner, it buffs away dead dulling skin with a single swipe.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

We know, we know, even supermodels get spots. This cult zit lotion contains salicylic acid, sulfur, and zinc oxide to dry up blemishes - fast.

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream

The brainchild of a stem cell scientist no less, this overnight treatment uses amino acids and vitamins to re-energise cells to repair damage more effectively.

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Heidi Klum loves to pamper her skin with goodies from Drunk Elephant and Glossier - Woman & Home

To Read More: Heidi Klum loves to pamper her skin with goodies from Drunk Elephant and Glossier – Woman & Home
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Paragon Biosciences Launches CiRC Biosciences to Expand Cell and Gene Therapy Platform – PRNewswire

By daniellenierenberg

CHICAGO, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Paragon Biosciences, a life science innovator that creates, invests in and builds life science companies in biopharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapy and synthetic biology utilizing artificial intelligence, today announced the launch of CiRC Biosciences, a cell therapy company developing treatments for serious diseases with high, unmet needs with an initial focus on the eye.

"The addition of CiRC Biosciences to our portfolio builds upon our cell and gene therapy platform, an area that has tremendous potential to address serious genetic diseases," said Jeff Aronin, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences. "CiRC Biosciences gives us the science to target retinal diseases that could lead to vision restoration with numerous other applications in the years ahead."

CiRC Biosciences is currently advancing pre-clinical development of chemically induced retinal cells for vision restoration in Geographic Atrophy Age-Related Macular Degeneration (Dry AMD), which is the most common cause of irreversible vision loss over the age of 65, and advanced Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a genetic disorder that causes tunnel vision and eventual blindness. There are no U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatments to restore vision loss in Dry AMD or RP.

The company's novel mechanism of action is designed for direct chemical conversion of fibroblasts into other cell types using a cocktail of small molecules in an 11-day chemical conversion process. Pre-clinical studies have shown efficacy in blind mice that demonstrated vision restoration. CiRC Biosciences has provisional patent applications to protect its platform.

"Our technology transforms ordinary skin cells into specialized retinal cells using a cocktail of small molecules," said Sai Chavala, M.D., co-founder and chief scientific officer of CiRC Biosciences. "This process is potentially safer, quicker, more cost effective and easier to manufacturer than using traditional stem cells. Working with Paragon Biosciences to build and advance CiRC Biosciences provides us the opportunity to efficiently progress this technology through research and development stages.

CiRC Biosciences first reported its discovery in the highly respected scientific journal Nature (April 15, 2020). A recently published New England Journal of Medicine article (Nov. 5, 2020)discussed CiRC's technology of using chemically induced cells to restore retinal function. The article concluded, "The new and emerging strategies for the rescue, regeneration, and replacement of photoreceptors suggest a bright future in the fight to preserve and restore vision in blinding eye diseases."

The abstract in Nature is available here:

Access to the NEJM article is available here:

About CiRC Biosciences CiRC Biosciences is a privately held cell therapy company dedicated to developing treatments for serious diseases with high, unmet needs with an initial focus on the eye. Currently it is pre-clinical phase for Geographic Atrophy Age-Related Macular Degeneration (Dry AMD) and advanced Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). CiRC Biosciences is a portfolio company of Paragon Biosciences. Visit our website:

About Paragon Biosciences Paragon is a life science innovator that creates, invests in and builds life science companies in biopharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapy and synthetic biology utilizing artificial intelligence. The company's current portfolio includes Castle Creek Biosciences, CiRC Biosciences, Emalex Biosciences, Evozyne, Harmony Biosciences, Qlarity Imaging, Skyline Biosciences, and a consistent flow of incubating companies created and supported by the replicable Paragon Innovation Capital model. Paragon stands at the intersection of human need, life science, and company creation. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:

Evelyn M. O'Connor Paragon Biosciences 312-847-1335 [emailprotected]

SOURCE Paragon Biosciences


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Paragon Biosciences Launches CiRC Biosciences to Expand Cell and Gene Therapy Platform - PRNewswire

To Read More: Paragon Biosciences Launches CiRC Biosciences to Expand Cell and Gene Therapy Platform – PRNewswire
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The 32 Best Beauty Products That Launched in January – Coveteur

By daniellenierenberg

From nourishing curl creams to moisturizers loaded with stem-cell technology.

It hardly seems possible that the first month of 2021 is behind us, but here we areand luckily, our beauty cabinets and drawers have never been better stocked. With the new year, weve dedicated precious shelf space to testing everything new in beauty, and there is plenty to be excited about. Whether youve been searching for a vitamin C serum to kiss those dark spots goodbye, a nourishing curl cream to help your texture pop, or perhaps a hydrating SPF to protect against sun damage and UV rays (remember, it is your most powerful anti-aging tool), there is something out there to fit in perfectly with your routine. Check out our picks for the 32 best beauty product launches of January.



The perennial favorite Dr. Barbara Sturm has finally released a vitamin C serum, which harnesses kakadu plum (more plums please!) to protect your cells from free-radical damage and lighten hyperpigmentation. The 5-percent formulation also contains two other sources of vitamin Coil-soluble THD ascorbate (a highly stable variety) and synthetic vitamin C in glycosidic form (aka ascorbyl glucoside). And the white, milky texture? Thats the added zinc, which helps your skin absorb the vitamin C faster and more effectively.



Posh is back with another addition to her clean collection of cosmetics. This mascara features a curved wand filled with short, almost teeth-like bristles that coat your lashes in a perfectly thin, even layer of formula. Do you want an ultra-voluminous lash look? This might not be the mascara for you. But for a gorgeous, minimalist, and clump-free effect, this launch delivers. And if you like adding product to your lower lashes but hate the potential smudging, be prepared to truly sing this mascaras praises.




Navigating between creams, gels, and oils can be tricky for anyone with curly hair, but this new milky serum is a serious gamechanger. Founder Babba C. Riveras recent launch not only gives you definition without the frizz, but the acai, chia seed, and castor-oil-rich formula also nourishes your hair for more flexibility and shine throughout the day. If youve yet to find your holy-grail texturizing product, give this one a try.



Finding an affordable, comfortable, and effective physical SPF can seem like the unreachable trifecta, but clean beauty brand Saie nails it with their first sunscreen. The formula has a silky, lightweight feel with zero white cast, and the added aloe vera, viola extract, argan, grapeseed, and vitamin E will have your skin feeling nourished and soft all day long. No more excuses for not wearing your daily SPF when it feels this good.




The trio of algae, licorice root, and hyaluronic acid makes this creamy formula ideal for dry under-eyes that are showing signs of premature aging (like darkness and fine lines). The delicate area is strengthened, dark circles are minimized, and dehydration is nowhere to be found. If youre new to eye creams, this is a great place to start.



Media maven Katherine Power has debuted her next product line to accompany Versed Skincare: Merit Beauty, a collection of EU-compliant, clean cosmetics for the minimalist-minded consumer. There are six products with a few various shade options plus a brush in the line, but its the creamy Flush Balm blush that has us swooning. The Cheeky shade, a cool, almost russet pink melts into your skin for a natural flush that lights up your whole face. You can even add a swipe to your lips for a monochromatic effect.



Clarifying shampoos are one of our favorite products to keep the scalp clean and free of buildupwhich in turn promotes strong, healthy hair. But that doesnt mean you have to drop a ton of money to find a quality formula. Clean beauty brand Odele debuts their first clarifying product utilizing a rising-star ingredient, quinoa, to help fortify and repair your hair. Swap out your go-to shampoo once a week for this formula, and admire your endless good hair days.



This serum contains .3 percent retinol, the highest recommended for topical retinoids, along with over a dozen other skin-nourishing and brightening ingredients. These include moisturizing humectants like glycerin, hydroxyethyl urea, and sodium hyaluronate, mango seed butter for nourishing fatty acids, and squalane to boost your skins moisture levels. Brighter, more even, and highly moisturized skin is in your future.



We all know that moment after you spent part of your morning perfecting your brow shape only to spot a droopy tail by lunchtime. Youll never have a hair out of place with this new translucent wax which provides long-lasting hold and a full, fluffy effect. Just gather the product onto the applicator, sweep it through your brows, and apply your color product after to fill in any gaps. The brows of your dreams are easier to achieve than ever before.



Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has created a dreamy new fragrance for 2021, with notes of creamy osmanthus, Chinese magnolia blossom, and sensual jasmine. If youre looking to update your fragrance collection for spring, this sophisticated blend (in a gorgeous bottle) is the perfect addition.



Exfoliation is non-negotiable if you want skin thats free from congestion, which is why incorporating this alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid serum into your routine is a wise idea (especially if you dont use an exfoliating cleanser on the regular). The AHA blend helps to loosen dead skin cells while the smaller BHA molecules dive deep into pores and clear out excess dirt and sebum. The boost of rosehip oil also keeps your skin from drying out or growing irritated. Use it a few nights a week to start, and watch your complexion begin to glow.



If you can bear to disturb this beyond-gorgeous palette, youll find that the powder duo gives you the kind of radiant flush that we thought only the women on Bridgerton could manage. The satiny peach highlighter gives you the kind of glow that says No, I havent been burrowed under blankets for the last six months, while the complementary coral orange blush brings a much-needed boost of energy to your complexion. CHANEL resident makeup artist Lucia Pica definitely nailed it with this spring collection.



Curly girls, rejoice, because Jen Atkin has finally dropped a curl cream for the Ouai line. After two years of formulation, the linseed and chia seed oil create soft definition for your texture, while a mix of babassu, coconut, and soybean oils hydrate and repair damage from the environment, heat, or your recent color appointment. Start with a pea-sized amount and work it through damp hair, adding more depending on your thickness and curl pattern, and enjoy the touchable, bouncy curls you always wanted.



Our at-home manicures are looking better than ever, but we sometimes struggle with getting the polish to last longer than a day or two. Enter this new vegan nail primer which promises a 20 percent increase in durability for your latest mani. The consistency is much thinner than what youre used to for a nail primermore like alcoholwhich is why the brush is shorter: It can easily evaporate before it reaches your nail bed, so founder Sarah Gibson-Tuttle made the process quicker and more manageable. Prep your nail with a thin coat, allow it to dry, and carry on with your favorite polisheasy!



Loaded with skin-renewing longoza flower and plenty of ceramides to rebuild and restore your skin, this rich moisturizer is a must for anyone battling a dry complexion this winter. The brand spent 20 years researching stem-cell technology to perfect their topical anti-aging blend of ingredients and has the clinical data to back it up. If impossibly radiant skin is what youre after, this cream will be a wise investment.



While its impossible to eliminate cellulite with a topical product (tear), it is doable to minimize the appearance and improve tone and definition. This new, patented serum from Susanne Kaufmann uses a blend of caffeine, tiger grass, and boldo (a South American tree known for its anti-inflammatory properties) to smooth and firm your skin. We recommend slathering on a generous layer following a relaxing bath.



Tracee Ellis Ross is back with her newest launch for Pattern: a lightweight conditioner for fine or thin hair (that still doesnt sacrifice moisture or nutrients for your curls). The rich, creamy texture feels almost mask-like in the shower, but once you rinse it out, you can immediately notice the difference in your hair fiberseverything is smoother, stronger, and once you style to your hearts content, frizz is minimized. It took the brand over 60 iterations to get the formula right, so rest assured that this launch is worth your coveted shower space.


Price Upon Request

You cant beat a charcoal mask to rid your skin of dirt and buildup, which is why this new blend of Japanese charcoal and botanicals is high on our must-have list. Environ is a dermatologist and aesthetician favorite for a reason, and the soothing blend of botanicals and protective antioxidants have us asking our providers for a bottle ASAP. Use it a few times a week for a deep clean that gives your skin a much-needed reset.



Sake is slowly making its way onto each of our dinner tables, but did we ever think it would make its way into our skin-care routines? Certainly not, but we are so glad it has. Sake has a ton of skin-care benefits, including light exfoliating properties that will slough off dead skin cells and prebiotics to reintroduce balance in the skin. This body lotion has a pH level of about 5.75, making it ideal for maintaining the integrity of our skin as we battle winter dryness and flakiness.



We know you might be thinking a balm near your eyes is going to be way too greasy or stickyeven if it provides a boost of hydrationbut we were pleasantly surprised by the lightweight texture of this oil-free formula. Skin care is a new addition to the Hourglass lineup, but so far were enjoying the brands new product innovation. Keep the appearance of fine lines minimized with consistent hydration.



We all love applying heaping loads of hyaluronic acid to our faces, but have we ever stopped to wonder what the ingredient would look like in our hair-care routines? This new hair mask introduces hyaluronic acid for a surge of moisture in hair that is otherwise frizzy and dry. This is a fabulous weekly hydrating mask to protect dry, color-treated, or heat-damaged hair and works great as a deep conditioner on days where you feel you need an extra boost for parched stands.



Jess Hannah Rvszs cult-favorite polish line has debuted the first new color of 2021 with Patina, an ultra-pale green that is basically spring in a jar. The non-toxic formula provides a subtle pop of color that looks gorgeous on any skin tone and is a perfect addition to our at-home manicure kit. Dont be afraid of green polish! This is the perfect minimalist shade to try it out.



Chebula is a healing fruit extract with roots in Ayurvedic traditions. In skin care, chebula acts as a cascading antioxidant, meaning that as it fights off free radicals, its chemical composition evolves to fight off even more free radicals throughout the day. Its a potent protector against environmental stressors for those of us living in cities or for those with active lifestyles. With elderberry, ginger, and echinacea for additional antioxidant support and antibacterial properties, and both low and high molecular hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin, this is the perfect addition to anyones routine which needs an extra protective pick-me-up.



Get you a lipstick that can do both. Charlotte Tilbury releases an innovative lipstick this month that delivers on color impact while also supplying the skin with beneficial skin-care ingredients. This lipstick balm penetrates the skin on the lips with hyaluronic acid, providing ample hydration to dry winter lips. Additionally, it washes the lips with color in a balmy yet pigmented way that feels like velvet during wear. Add a pat or two to your cheeks for some gorgeous complementary color.



Its time to energize with a sativa strainbut not in the way you might think. This creamy serum contains whole-flower cannabis sativa extract to soothe any inflammation in the skin and help it return to a glowing state of balance. In addition to being ultra soothing for your skin, this serum also contains chlorophyll, aloe, and squalane to lock moisture in for a radiant shine that never feels too heavy.



Its Aquarius season, and what better way to celebrate a time of eccentric energy than by dabbing some colorful metallic and matte shadows around your eyes? This cool-toned palette contains a range of shades that will work well with every eye color, whether you are looking for a vibrant liner on your lash line or a bold, technicolor halo. This formulation is highly pigmented and has a staying power that will last throughout the entire day.



If you cannot tell by now, we love retinol here at Coveteur. And why is that? Its a powerful ingredient that speeds the cell renewal process, igniting the production of skin-plumping collagen and elastin in the skin. Another thing we love about retinol is its ability to rid the complexion of post-hyperpigmentation, which is why we are so excited about RVives new dark-spot corrector. In addition to containing the powers of retinol, this night cream also contains vitamin C to improve the skins tone and peptides to provide the building blocks for a youthful, bouncy effect.



Cover FX enters the skin-care category this month, and we must admit that their first foray into such a congested industry is quite impressive. The lightweight moisturizer contains both prebiotics and probiotics to maintain the integrity of the skins microbiome. Simultaneously, ceramides protect against environmental stressors, and olive and jojoba oils moisturize the skin while adding a dewy glow. We love using this as a base for a seamless makeup application that makes skin look like skin.



Covergirls first full-coverage foundation is finally here, with 21 shades infused with SPF 18. Not only is it surprisingly breathable for being so full-coverage, but its also humidity- and transfer-proof, so no rubbing off on your mask if you need to travel anywhere. For a more minimal, dewy effect, we like adding equal parts moisturizer and blending with a makeup sponge. Skin looks impossibly airbrushed without draining your bank account. Its a win-win.



For most people, winter skin care means amping up the rich moisturizers and oils in our routines, scaling back on heavy cleansers, and using all the hydrating masks we can get our hands on. Yet, some of these typical winter routines just wont cut it for those with oily skin, as they create a slickness in the skin that will inevitably clog pores. If you have oily skin and are looking for a great winter moisturizer, consider this one from founder Marianna Hewitt. Its formula is oil-free, meaning it will not exacerbate breakouts, and contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides for a plumping action that will last all day.



We believe that our curls are beautiful, but they are sometimes so difficult to tame. In a perfect world, they would air-dry into perfect ringlets with shine and volume after every wash. Unfortunately, our hair dries in a frizzy and flat way most of the time, despite our best efforts. If your hair-care woes are anything like ours, consider this new defining gel as your hair savior. It holds curls natural shape without weighing them down or amping up their crunch factor. It also maintains curls integrity in high levels of humidity.



This month, Cl de Peau Beaut releases a mask that is as efficacious as it is luxurious. The Precious Gold Vitality Mask contains 24-karat gold to inhibit oxidation in the skin, resulting in a more youthful and even-toned appearance. Additionally, it envelops your skin in ginseng extract, which speeds up collagen production for a plumper feel. This mask is perfect for nourishing and restoring your skin as you nourish yourself with some self-care after a long and taxing day.

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The 32 Best Beauty Products That Launched in January - Coveteur

To Read More: The 32 Best Beauty Products That Launched in January – Coveteur
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Unboxing: the Best Beauty Items We Tried in January – Prestige Online

By daniellenierenberg

Were starting the new year fresh with new skincare routines that help beat the harsh and dry winter, and beauty products to keep our glow on.Drunk ElephantThe Drunk Elephant Trunk 3.0 isnt exactly a new product. It came out in 2019, but the fully functional mini-fridge, which can chill (even warm!) your essential skincare products is still a favourite in our office. The trunk set comes with 10 best-selling, full-sized Drunk Elephant products, including the Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Spray.La MerLa Mers eye treatment combo is a lifesaver during the harsh winter days. The Eye Concentrate is a more advanced treatment that can help reduce dark circles and fine wrinkles even before visible damage begins. A pro tip: you could keep the eye treatment applicators in the fridge for a couple of minutes before you use them to massage the eye area for a quick microcirculation boost.DiorThe Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Rich Creme targets skin dryness with its heavily-researched science in mother cells and floral expertise. The rich creme combines bio-cellular technology with French peony oil extract.BenefitOur eyes and eyebrows are what most people tend to see these days, so its extremely pertinent that we keep our brows beautifully shaped and well-groomed. Benefits Brow Microfilling Pen mimics natural brow hair, comes in four versatile shades and is all-around the most essential beauty product you need these days.NarsNars is celebrating Chinese New Year with a new limited-edition collection that is beautifully packaged in a rich red floral design. To bring in good fortune for the Year of the Ox, the eyeshadow palette comes in soft neutral hues with a slight shimmer. There are two new shades of lipstick: Wen Wo (a brownish neutral shade) and China Rose (with a more rosy tint).TatchaTatchas Dewy Sin Creme is formulated with Hadasei-3, the brands proprietary complex of double-fermented Uji green tea, Akita rice and Mozuku algae. The result is super rich, smoothing cream that allows your make-up to glide on without a glitch.Laura MercierAlso perfect for Chinese New Year is Laura Merciers limited-edition beauty set, wrapped up in glorious shades of red and gold. The set comes with the Flawless Lumire Radiance-Perfecting Cushion, the Rouge Essentiel Silky Crme Lipstick, and the Translucent Loose Setting Powder that comes with a puff.YSL BeautyGlass skin was a term that came from K beauty to mean skin that appears poreless, luminous, clear as glass. YSL Beautys Soft Polish Double Essence is extremely gentle but comes with an effective peeling effect. Used alongside the Night Reboot serum and the Perfect Plumper Cream, glass skin is at your fingertips.AesopCold winter weather is not always the culprit sometimes, its the unpredictability of it, colder days and milder days, that disrupt our skin. Aesops latest winter skincare essentials are here to help. The selected products are gentle and nourishing on the skin, while keeping a balance, and comes in a range to suit different skin types.OribeOur focus is so often on skincare and make-up, but we shouldnt forget to care for our hair too. Available at Joyce Beauty, Oribes Signature Shampoo and Conditional set is a rich daily cleanser that is formulated to silken, detangle and protect.Este LauderThe Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Eye Serum is part of Este Lauders premium line, and comes infused with Black Diamond Truffle Extract that lifts tired eyes instantly.Augustinus BaderFounded by Professor Augustinus Bader, globally recognized as one of the leaders in stem cell biology, theres no doubting the potency of the brands products. Its creams and oils are backed by 30 years of proprietary research, which resulted in its TFC8 complex, said to kickstart the skins natural abilities to rejuvenate itself. Available at Joyce Beauty.

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Unboxing: the Best Beauty Items We Tried in January - Prestige Online

To Read More: Unboxing: the Best Beauty Items We Tried in January – Prestige Online
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ToolGen ties up with 3D bioprinting company to apply induced pluripotent stem cells to gene correction – Aju Business Daily

By daniellenierenberg

[Courtesy of ToolGen]

SEOUL --ToolGen, a South Korean developer of genome editing technology, tied up with T&R Biofab, a 3D bioprinting company, to cooperate in applying induced pluripotent stem cells to gene correction. ToolGen has original technology related to third-generation gene scissors to cut out genetic information in cells.

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are derived from skin or blood cells that have been reprogrammed back into an embryonic-like pluripotent state that enables the development of an unlimited source of any type of human cell needed for therapeutic purposes. iPSCs can be derived directly from adult tissues and bypass the need for embryos.

ToolGen signed a memorandum of understanding T&R Biofab, which prints human organs and tissues for clinical transplantation, to develop and utilize cells that combine iPSCs and gene calibration technologies. "Inductive pluripotent stem cells are an ideal platform for developing gene correction therapy because they can be segmented into various cells," said ToolGen co-CEO Kim Young-ho.

ToolGen has partnered with VivaZome Therapeutics, an Australian biotech company, to develop therapies based on exosomes which are recognized for their critical role in cell-to-cell communication and transportation. The market for exosome therapeutics has been growing rapidly, and many life science companies have launched tools and systems to support exosome research.

See the article here:
ToolGen ties up with 3D bioprinting company to apply induced pluripotent stem cells to gene correction - Aju Business Daily

To Read More: ToolGen ties up with 3D bioprinting company to apply induced pluripotent stem cells to gene correction – Aju Business Daily
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Researchers use patients’ cells to test gene therapy for rare eye disease – National Institutes of Health

By daniellenierenberg

News Release

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Approach could provide new path for difficult-to-treat forms of Leber congenital amaurosis.

Scientists at the National Eye Institute (NEI) have developed a promising gene therapy strategy for a rare disease that causes severe vision loss in childhood. A form of Leber congenital amaurosis, the disease is caused by autosomal-dominant mutations in the CRX gene, which are challenging to treat with gene therapy. The scientists tested their approach using lab-made retinal tissues built from patient cells, called retinal organoids. This approach, which involved adding copies of the normal gene under its native control mechanism, partially restored CRX function. The study report appears today in Stem Cell Reports. NEI is part of the National Institutes of Health.

Our treatment approach, which adds more copies of the normal gene, could potentially treat autosomal-dominant LCA caused by a variety of mutations, said Anand Swaroop, Ph.D., chief of the NEI Neurobiology, Neurodegeneration and Repair Laboratory and senior author of the report.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Luxturna in 2017 for the treatment of LCA patients with mutations in a gene called RPE65. Although hailed as a major advance in gene therapy, Luxturna is ineffective against other forms of LCA, including those caused by autosomal-dominant mutations in CRX.

The CRX gene encodes a protein (also called CRX) that binds to DNA and instructs the retinas photoreceptors to make light-sensitive pigments called opsins. Without functional CRX protein, photoreceptors lose their ability to detect light and eventually die.

Disorders like autosomal-dominant LCA are tricky to treat with gene therapy, because adding more of the normal gene does not always restore function. People with autosomal-dominant mutations still have one normal copy of the gene, but the mutant version of the protein interferes with the normal protein. Sometimes, instead of restoring normal function, simply adding more of the normal protein can enhance the disease in unpredictable ways.

To explore how gene augmentation adding copies of the normal gene would affect autosomal-dominant LCA, Swaroops team, developed retinal organoids from two volunteers with LCA and from their unaffected family members. Led by Kamil Kruczek, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow in Swaroops lab, they built the complex retina-like tissues in several stages, starting with skin cells, inducing the production of mature photoreceptors and other retinal cells with the genetic profile of each volunteer. As expected, patient organoids made far less light-sensing opsin than the organoids made from unaffected family members.

To carefully control how much CRX gene would be expressed by the recipient photoreceptors, the team re-engineered the CRX promoter so it could be delivered with the CRX gene as part of the gene therapy. A promoter is a neighboring sequence of DNA that controls when and how genes are expressed. The researchers packed the gene and their engineered promoter inside a virus that shuttled them into the organoid photoreceptors.

The teams gene augmentation strategy restored some CRX protein function for organoids from both patients, driving expression of opsins in both types of photoreceptors: rods and cones.

The fact that this strategy worked for both CRX mutations was pretty exciting, said Swaroop. Gene augmentation may be a viable therapy for LCA caused by other autosomal-dominant mutations.

This proof-of-concept gene therapy study is the first step toward a potential treatment for a rare form of LCA, said Brian Brooks, M.D., NEI clinical director and co-author on the study. Its a great example of bench-to-bedside science, when researchers in basic and clinical science collaborate.

The current study was funded through the intramural programs of the NEI and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, both part of NIH. Patient samples were collected at the NIH Clinical Center, clinical trial number NCT01432847.

NEI has protected intellectual property around this technology which is available for licensing and or co-development. Details can be found on the NIH OTT Licensing website: Gene Therapy for Treatment of CRX-Autosomal Dominant Retinopathies | Office of Technology Transfer, NIH or by contacting NEI Office of Translational Research

Additional authors include: Zepeng Qu, James Gentry, Benjamin Fadl, Linn Gieser, Suja Hiriyanna, Zacahry Batz, Mugdha Samant, Ananya Samanta, Colin Chu, Laura Campello, and Zhijian Wu.

NEI leads the federal governments research on the visual system and eye diseases. NEI supports basic and clinical science programs to develop sight-saving treatments and address special needs of people with vision loss. For more information, visit

About the National Institutes of Health (NIH):NIH, the nation's medical research agency, includes 27 Institutes and Centers and is a component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. NIH is the primary federal agency conducting and supporting basic, clinical, and translational medical research, and is investigating the causes, treatments, and cures for both common and rare diseases. For more information about NIH and its programs, visit

NIHTurning Discovery Into Health

Kruczek K. Qu Z, Gentry J, Fadl BR, Gieser L, Hiriyanna S, Batz Z, Samant M, Samanta A, Chu CJ, Campello L, Brooks BP, Wu Z, and Swaroop A. Gene therapy of dominantCRX-Leber congenital amaurosis using patient stem cell-derived retinal organoids.Stem Cell Reports, January 28, 2020.


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Researchers use patients' cells to test gene therapy for rare eye disease - National Institutes of Health

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Opdivo Side Effects: What They Are and How to Manage Them – Healthline

By daniellenierenberg

If you have cancer and your doctor recommends Opdivo to treat it, you may be wondering what side effects this drug might cause.

Opdivo (nivolumab) is a brand-name prescription medication used in adults to treat certain types of cancer. These include specific forms of bladder, colorectal, and esophageal cancer, as well as several other cancer types. Its also used in some children to treat colorectal cancer.

Opdivo is a biologic drug (a type of drug made from living cells). Specifically, its an immunotherapy treatment, which means it can cause side effects involving your immune system. Its given as an intravenous infusion (an injection into a vein thats given over a period of time). For more information about Opdivo, see this in-depth article.

Opdivo may be a long-term cancer treatment. Your doctor will decide the length of your treatment based on various factors, including what side effects you experience.

Read on to learn more about the possible mild and serious side effects of Opdivo.

Like all drugs, Opdivo may cause side effects in some people.

The more common side effects of Opdivo include:

For more information about rash as well as muscle, bone, and joint pain, see the Side effects explained section below.

Certain side effects may be more common if other cancer drugs, such as ipilimumab (Yervoy), are part of your treatment plan. You may have a higher risk for certain side effects depending on the type of cancer you have.

Talk with your doctor about your risk for side effects, given your specific treatment plan. Also tell them about any side effect symptoms you may have.

Learn more about Opdivos side effects in the next sections.

You may experience mild side effects with Opdivo, such as:

For more information about muscle, bone, and joint pain, see the Side effects explained section below.

Opdivo may cause mild side effects other than the ones listed above. See the Opdivo Medication Guide for details.

Opdivos mild side effects should be manageable, and theyll likely go away during your treatment. But some could also be signs of more serious side effects.

If any side effects bother you, get worse, or dont go away, talk with your doctor or pharmacist. Try to keep all of your appointments to get Opdivo unless your doctor stops your treatment.

Opdivo may cause serious side effects. While these are generally rare, some people may be at higher risk for certain serious side effects. For example, your risk for some side effects may increase if youre receiving both Opdivo and other drugs for your cancer.

Call your doctor right away if youre having any new or worsening symptoms. If your symptoms feel life threatening, call 911 or get emergency medical care right away.

Serious side effects can include:

For more information on hepatitis, type 1 diabetes, and allergic reaction, see the Side effects explained section below.

Talk with your doctor about your risk for serious side effects. Also let them know about any concerns you may have.

Get answers to some frequently asked questions about Opdivos side effects.

No, Opdivo shouldnt cause confusion. In clinical studies of Opdivo, confusion wasnt a reported side effect.

However, confusion may be a symptom of rare, serious side effects of Opdivo, such as:

Also, Opdivo can cause hyponatremia (low blood sodium levels). Confusion is a symptom of this condition, which was a common side effect in certain clinical studies of Opdivo.

If youre feeling disoriented or having trouble thinking clearly during Opdivo treatment, contact your doctor right away.

In clinical studies of Opdivo as a melanoma treatment, reported side effects were similar to those researchers found when looking at the drug to treat other cancers.

However, Opdivo isnt always used alone to treat melanoma. The risk of side effects may differ depending on your treatment plan. For more information, see the Opdivo Medication Guide.

If youre receiving Opdivo infusions to treat melanoma, ask your doctor about your side effect risks.

Side effects with Opdivo can happen at any time, including after stopping treatment.

For example, severe reactions have happened during Opdivo infusions. However, these are rare compared with mild or moderate infusion-related reactions. Some people have had reactions within 2 days after their infusion, although these are rare as well.

Opdivo may cause your immune system to attack healthy tissues or organs. This can happen anytime during or after stopping Opdivo treatment.

Symptoms of a severe reaction that may happen during an Opdivo infusion can include:

If you have these or other symptoms during an Opdivo infusion, immediately tell the healthcare provider who is giving you the infusion.

Though rare, people have had reactions up to 2 days after their infusion. You should watch for any new or bothersome symptoms on the days between your infusions, too.

If you have a severe reaction, your healthcare provider may stop your Opdivo infusion. If you have a mild or moderate reaction during your infusion, they may slow the rate of infusion or pause it to help manage your symptoms.

Yes, it can. For example, Opdivo treatment could increase your risk for pneumonia. Pneumonia is a serious infection of the air sacs in one or both of your lungs.

In clinical studies for certain cancers, pneumonia was one of the more common serious reactions when Opdivo was used alone or with the cancer drug ipilimumab (Yervoy).

In clinical studies for certain cancers, rare but fatal infections have also occurred when Opdivo was used alone or with other cancer drugs.

Upper respiratory tract infection, such as a cold, is a common side effect of Opdivo. Though upper respiratory tract infections arent usually serious, they can lead to secondary infections such as pneumonia.

See your doctor if you have any infection symptoms such as a cough, shortness of breath, or fever.

Learn more about some of the side effects Opdivo may cause.

You may have painful joints from treatment with Opdivo. Joint pain is a common side effect of the drug.

Muscle, back, and bone pain are also common side effects of Opdivo.

Opdivo can cause your immune system to attack healthy tissues, even after youve stopped the drug. This can happen to any part of your body, including your joints. Rarely, arthritis (swelling in your joints) has occurred with Opdivo treatment.

If youre experiencing pain in your joints or other areas of your body during or after Opdivo treatment, talk with your doctor. They can check your symptoms and suggest ways you can manage them.

For mild joint pain, they may recommend you take an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin). They may also suggest applying ice packs or warm compresses to your joints.

Rash is a common side effect of Opdivo.

In rare cases, Opdivo may cause a severe skin reaction, such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome. It may also result in allergic reactions, which may be mild or serious. Rash can be a symptom of both of these reactions.

During and after Opdivo treatment, contact your doctor if you have a rash that bothers you, gets worse, or doesnt go away. Get emergency medical care right away if you have blisters, peeling skin, or rash accompanied by fever, swelling, or trouble breathing. These could be signs of a severe, life threatening reaction.

If your symptoms are mild to moderate, your doctor may suggest that you manage them with a topical cream or ointment, such as hydrocortisone cream.

If youre having a severe skin reaction, your healthcare provider will pause or permanently stop your Opdivo infusions. Theyll manage the reaction with corticosteroids, such as prednisone, or other immune-suppressing drugs.

Though rare, Opdivo treatment may cause your immune system to attack healthy tissues, including your liver. When this happens, it can cause inflammation (swelling and damage) of your liver known as hepatitis.

This side effect may be more likely to happen if your treatment plan includes both Opdivo and the cancer drug ipilimumab (Yervoy).

If you have hepatitis from Opdivo treatment, your healthcare provider will pause or permanently stop your infusions. Theyll manage the condition with a corticosteroid drug, such as prednisone. In some cases, you may need to take another immune-suppressing drug.

During and after stopping Opdivo treatment, tell your doctor if you have any symptoms of hepatitis, such as:

Rarely, Opdivo may cause type 1 diabetes. With type 1 diabetes, your blood glucose (sugar) level becomes too high because your pancreas isnt releasing insulin. If untreated, this can lead to serious complications. An example is diabetic ketoacidosis (high levels of blood acids called ketones), which can be fatal.

Your doctor may check your blood glucose level while youre getting Opdivo. During and after your treatment, watch for any diabetes or ketoacidosis symptoms, such as:

Remember, high blood glucose can cause severe complications. If you have any of the symptoms listed above, see your doctor or get medical care right away.

Like most drugs, Opdivo can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Symptoms can be mild or serious and can include:

For mild symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as a mild skin rash or itching, call your doctor right away. They may suggest an over-the-counter oral antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl), or a topical product, like hydrocortisone cream, to manage your allergic reaction.

If your doctor confirms you had a mild allergic reaction to Opdivo, theyll decide if you should continue receiving this drug.

If you have symptoms of a severe allergic reaction, such as swelling or trouble breathing, call 911 or your local emergency number right away. These symptoms could be life threatening and require immediate medical care.

If your doctor confirms you had a serious allergic reaction to Opdivo, theyll stop your Opdivo treatment and decide if another cancer treatment is right for you.

During your Opdivo treatment, consider keeping notes on any side effects youre having. Then, you can share this information with your doctor. This is especially helpful to do when you first start taking new drugs or using a combination of treatments.

Your side effect notes can include things like:

Sharing such notes with your doctor will help your doctor learn more about how Opdivo affects you. Your doctor can also use this information to adjust your treatment plan if needed.

Opdivo may not be right for you if you have certain medical conditions or other factors that affect your health. Talk with your doctor about your health history before starting Opdivo. Factors to consider include those mentioned below.

Stem cell or organ transplant. Opdivo treatment before or after an allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (transplant of blood-forming cells from a genetic match) could cause serious or fatal problems.

If youre planning a stem cell transplant or have had one, talk with your doctor about the safety of Opdivo treatment. Also tell your doctor if youve received an organ transplant.

Allergic reaction. If youve had an allergic reaction to Opdivo or any of its ingredients, Opdivo shouldnt be part of your cancer treatment. Ask your doctor what other medications are better options for you.

Immune system problems. With Opdivo treatment, your immune system may attack healthy tissues.

Before starting Opdivo, tell your doctor if you have an autoimmune or inflammatory condition, such as Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis, or lupus. Tell them even if your condition is in remission (times when youre symptom-free).

History of chest radiation. Opdivo may cause a serious side effect of the lungs called pneumonitis. Your risk for pneumonitis may be higher if youve had radiation treatment to your chest.

Before starting Opdivo, tell your doctor about any past chest radiation treatments youve had and if youve received other drugs similar to Opdivo.

Nervous system problems. In rare cases, Opdivo treatment may cause your immune system to attack your nervous system, including your brain, spinal cord, or nerves.

Before starting Opdivo, tell your doctor if youve had a condition that affects your nervous system, such as myasthenia gravis or Guillain-Barr syndrome.

Opdivo doesnt interact with alcohol.

However, alcohol can harm your liver. In rare cases, Opdivo can cause inflammation (swelling and damage) of your liver known as hepatitis. Opdivo can be used to treat some liver cancers.

Ask your doctor if its safe to consume alcohol while being treated with Opdivo.

Its unsafe to be treated with Opdivo during pregnancy. If youre able to become pregnant, youll need to get a pregnancy test before starting Opdivo to make sure youre not pregnant.

Youll also need to use effective birth control during treatment and for at least 5 months after your last infusion.

Opdivos manufacturer hasnt given recommendations about contraception for people taking Opdivo who have a partner who can become pregnant. If you have questions or concerns about this, talk with your doctor.

Its unknown if Opdivo is safe to use while breastfeeding. You shouldnt breastfeed during Opdivo treatment or for at least 5 months after your last infusion.

Before starting Opdivo, talk with your doctor about safe ways to feed your child.

Opdivo may help treat your type of cancer. At the same time, it can put you at risk for rare but serious side effects. However, most common symptoms of Opdivo are mild or manageable.

If youre wondering about Opdivos side effects, talk with your doctor or pharmacist. Ask questions to get the answers you need to feel confident about your cancer treatment. Here are a few to get you started:

My doctor said thyroid problems are possible serious side effects of Opdivo. What symptoms should I watch for?

Opdivo may cause your immune system to attack your thyroid gland, resulting in thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid gland). Though thyroiditis isnt usually serious, it can lead to hypothyroidism (low thyroid levels) or hyperthyroidism (high thyroid levels).

Hypothyroidism may happen more often, especially when Opdivo is used with ipilimumab (Yervoy).

Symptoms of hypothyroidism include increased weight, fatigue (lack of energy), and feeling cold. They also include a slow heart rate, depression, and a puffy face.

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include a fast heart rate, high blood pressure, shaking hands, and trouble sleeping.

Call your doctor if you have any of the above symptoms. They may pause or stop your Opdivo treatment depending on how severe the side effect is. Your doctor may also recommend that you take other medication to treat your hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

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Opdivo Side Effects: What They Are and How to Manage Them - Healthline

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Protein identified that may help treat Parkinsons disease – Medical News Today

By daniellenierenberg

Scientists have identified a protein that can slow or stop some signs of Parkinsons disease in mice.

The team found that the bone morphogenetic proteins 5 and 7 (BMP5/7) can have these effects in a mouse model of the disease.

This research, which appears in the journal Brain, may be the first step toward developing a new treatment for Parkinsons disease.

This type of brain disorder typically affects people over the age of 60, and the symptoms worsen with time.

Common symptoms include stiffness, difficulty walking, tremors, and trouble with balance and coordination.

The disease can also affect the ability to speak and lead to mood changes, tiredness, and memory loss.

Parkinsons Foundation report that about 1 million people in the United States had the disease in 2020, with about 10 million affected globally.

Despite this prevalence, scientists are still unsure why Parkinsons disease affects some people and not others, and there is currently no cure.

The National Institute on Aging note that some cases of Parkinsons disease seem to be hereditary. In other words, the disease can emerge in different generations of a family but for many people with the disease, there appears to be no family history.

Researchers believe that multiple factors may affect a persons risk, including genetics, exposure to environmental toxins, and age.

Since there is currently no cure for Parkinsons disease, treatments typically focus on alleviating its symptoms.

Existing treatments can help alleviate of Parkinsons disease, such as stiffness. However, they may work less well, or not work, for others, such as tremors or a loss of coordination.

Though researchers are still unsure why some develop the disease and others do not, they understand what occurs in the brain of a person with Parkinsons.

The disease causes the neurons in the part of the brain that controls movement to stop working or die. The brain region, therefore, produces less of the chemical dopamine, which helps a person maintain smooth, purposeful movement, as the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke observe.

Also, Lewy bodies occur in the brains of some people with Parkinsons disease. These bodies are clumps primarily made up of misfolded forms of the protein alpha-synuclein.

In their recent study paper, the scientists refer to research suggesting that neurotrophic factors molecules that help neurons survive and thrive could, in theory, restore the function of neurons that produce dopamine. However, the clinical benefit of these factors had yet to be proven.

The team focused on bone morphogenetic proteins 5 and 7 (BMP5/7). They had previously shown that BMP5/7 has an important role in dopamine-producing neurons in mice.

In the latest study, the scientists wanted to see whether BMP5/7 could protect the neurons of mice against the damaging effects of misfolded alpha-synuclein proteins.

To do this, they injected one group of mice with a viral vector that caused misfolded alpha-synuclein proteins to form in their brains. They used other mice as a control group. The scientists then injected the mice with the BMP5/7 protein.

The researchers found that the BMP5/7 protein had a significant protective effect against the misfolded alpha-synuclein proteins.

According to senior study author Dr. Claude Brodski, of the Israel-based Ben-Gurion University of the Negevs Department of Physiology and Cell Biology, We found that BMP5/7 treatment can, in a Parkinsons disease mouse model, efficiently prevent movement impairments caused by the accumulation of alpha-synuclein and reverse the loss of dopamine-producing brain cells. He continues:

These findings are very promising, since they suggest that BMP5/7 could slow or stop Parkinsons disease progression. Currently, we are focusing all our efforts on bringing our discovery closer to clinical application.

The universitys technology transfer company, BGN Technologies, is currently looking to bring the development to the market.

Dr. Galit Mazooz-Perlmuter, the companys senior vice president of bio-pharma business development, notes that There is a vast need for new therapies to treat Parkinsons disease, especially in advanced stages of the disease.

Dr. Brodskis findings, although still in their early stages, offer a disease-modified drug target that will address this devastating condition. We are now seeking an industry partner for further development of this patent-pending invention.

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Protein identified that may help treat Parkinsons disease - Medical News Today

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Why Hair Goes Gray, and How to Cover It If You Want To – NewBeauty Magazine

By daniellenierenberg

Lets get into the science behind it: As hair is being formed, melanocytes inject pigment into keratinocytesthe cells containing keratinwhich is the protein making up hair, skin and nails, says Wayne, NJ plastic surgeon and hair specialist Jeffrey B. Wise, MD. Over time, melanocytes continue to inject pigment into the hairs keratin, which is where hair gets its color. In the aging process, melanocytes slow down and eventually stop secreting melanin, which causes a lack of pigment, and the hair turns gray.

According to Chicago dermatologist Dr. Quenby Erickson, going gray is programmed in our genetic code, which means we can get clues as to how extensively and when it will happen by looking at our parents. However, a 2020 study published in Science Daily shows there may also be a link between stress and gray hair. When testing on mice, researchers found that the type of nerve involved in the fight-or-flight response causes permanent damage to the pigment-regenerating stem cells in the hair follicle. The study makes perfect sense, says Dr. Wise. Stress is a huge factor in premature aging, as well as hair thinning. Naturally, it should also affect hair graying as well. There is also a lot of evidence that shows smoking cigarettes plays a role in making hair go gray earlier.

Color isnt always the only factor either; textural changes can ensue as well. Some people are blessed with gorgeous gray hair, but for most of us, the gray is accompanied with thinning and rougher texture that leave our hair finer and harder to style, Dr. Erickson says. There are no proven ways to prevent hair from turning gray, but both Drs. Erickson and Wise have seen some promising results from platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. Because these treatments are aimed at waking up your own stem cells, they could potentially reinvigorate melanocyte production as well, explains Dr. Wise. We have seen growth of darker, thicker hairs on some of our stem cell therapy patients, even though the original goal was to combat thinning. Treatment results are dependent on the patients individual conditions, so realistic expectations should be set by your doctor.

Celebrity colorists Chad Kenyon and Rita Hazan say none of their clients embraced their grays during quarantine, or they tried, but caved eventually. For those in camp cover them up, topical dyes and root concealers can help camouflage. The process to cover gray hair is the same on both blonds and darker shades, but my clients with lighter hair can go longer in between touch-ups because gray hairs blend with blond hairs more easily, says Kenyon. Celebrity colorist Aura Friedman often suggests adding a darker pepper tone to silver hair for people who feel more comfortable being darker, but dont want the two-, three- or four-week regrowth touch-up thats needed.

For those who want to permanently cover their grays at home, Nikki Lee, celebrity colorist and cofounder of Nine Zero One Salon, recommends Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme ($8). There are more than 75 shades and you can easily find your match using a virtual shade selector, she says. If DIY color makes you nervous, temporary root sprays are great to use in between salon appointments.

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Why Hair Goes Gray, and How to Cover It If You Want To - NewBeauty Magazine

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Valentina Greco Receives the 2021 ISSCR Momentum Award < Yale School of Medicine – Yale School of Medicine

By daniellenierenberg

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) will present this years ISSCR Momentum Award to Valentina Greco, PhD, Carolyn Walch Slayman Professor of Genetics and member of the Yale Stem Cell Center. The prize recognizes the exceptional achievements of an investigator whose innovative research has established a major area of stem cell-related research with a strong trajectory for future success. Greco will present her science during a special lecture on June 25 during ISSCR 2021 Virtual, the worlds leading meeting of global innovators in stem cell science and regenerative medicine.

Studies from Grecos lab are redefining scientific understanding of the complex mechanisms that organize and regulate the skin stem cell niche and the behavior of normal and mutant cells in the epidermis under physiologic challenge and with aging. Her groups body of work exploring cell biology in vivo determined that the niche, rather than the stem cells, are required for tissue growth, that location in the niche dictates stem cell fate, that the niche exploits stem cell plasticity to maintain homeostasis, and that homeostatic correction battles disease emergence. These breakthroughs pave the way for new concepts in mammalian regenerative biology.

Valentina is a wonderful ambassador for the stem cell community and in particular for young, female scientists in our field, said Christine Mummery, PhD, ISSCRs president. She has a confidence and skill to pursue bold new ideas. Not only is she a pioneer in live cell imaging, but she also has made multiple important discoveries regarding the mechanisms that regulate epithelial stem cell function. We are honored to recognize Valentina for her momentous achievements.

Beyond her creativity and scientific talent, Greco has shown great leadership. She is deliberate in her commitment to career development and the training of young faculty and her lab members, and brings tremendous enthusiasm to her work. Throughout her career, Greco has sought out new ways to enhance her effectiveness as a mentor by pursuing education from others, thereby establishing a strong foundation for making fundamental scientific discoveries in partnership with her lab members. She shared her perspectives and experiences as a woman and an immigrant working in science in Stem Cell Reports, Women in Stem Cell Science, Part 1.

My lab and I are honored to be recognized with this award, Greco said. Our science is inspired by the previous insights of incredible scientists that have paved the way for our contributions including the inspiring work of Cristina Lo Celso, David Scadden, Charles Lin, and Shosei Yoshida and their pioneering live imaging of mammalian stem cells in blood regeneration and spermatogenesis.

Greco was also awarded the ISSCR Dr. Susan Lim Outstanding Young Investigator Award in 2014.

Submitted by Robert Forman on January 25, 2021

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Valentina Greco Receives the 2021 ISSCR Momentum Award < Yale School of Medicine - Yale School of Medicine

To Read More: Valentina Greco Receives the 2021 ISSCR Momentum Award < Yale School of Medicine – Yale School of Medicine
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Essent Biologics Launches With A Mission To Provide Human-Derived Biomaterials And 3D Biology Data For Cell Therapy And Tissue Engineering – The Grand…

By daniellenierenberg

CENTENNIAL, Colo., Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --Essent Biologics, a nonprofit biotechnology company emerging from two years of stealth-mode operation, today announced its launch as a new venture to meet the growing need for human-derived biomaterials and data to the regenerative medicine research community, as well as producing key inputs for further manufacturing by clinical partners.

As a new venture from AlloSource, one of the world's leading manufacturers of fresh cartilage tissue used for joint repair and skin allografts to heal severe burns, Essent Biologics will leverage its connection to human tissue donation by providing low passaged primary cell lines, origin tissue and comprehensive donor data to advance translational research from benchtop to bedside. The company also has the capability to serve as a biomanufacturing partner, creating a large inventory of custom products.

"We are proud to set a new standard in human-derived biomaterials for research," said Corey Stone, Executive Director, Essent Biologics. "Essent will motivate and empower the work researchers are doing by supporting the development of innovative therapies through quality biomaterials and powerful data."

Essent Biologics will supply highly characterized human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) produced under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The company has already partnered with leading academic research and biopharmaceutical companies who excitedly await Essent Biologics' official product launch, anticipated in April.For additional information on the company's product pipeline, please visit

"The work Essent is doing to help accelerate research through human clinical trials is remarkable," said Ethan Mann, CEO of Validus Cellular Therapeutics, Inc. "We are excited to partner with such an innovative company who will support research to develop new medical solutions, and we look forward to their future growth."

According to Allied Market Research, the Cellular Therapy and Tissue Engineering industries are some of the fastest growing in the regenerative medicine sector. The Cellular Therapy market tallied a total expenditure of $7.25 billion in 2019 and is expected to hit $48.11 billion by 2027. The Tissue Engineering market tallied a total expenditure of $2.3 billion in 2019 and is expected to hit $6.8 billion by 2027. These strong growth rates are powered by an increase in clinical trials and manufacturing throughput.

About Essent BiologicsEssent Biologics is setting a new standard in human-derived biomaterials and 3D biology data for research. The nonprofit biotechnology company provides low passaged primary cells, origin tissue and scaffolds, as well as comprehensive donor and product data to advance regenerative medicine research from benchtop to bedside. Essent Biologics supplies products in small or large volumes and serves as a manufacturing partner by creating master cell banks and an inventory of custom products within a tailored specification. In order to ensure reliable product quality, safety and efficacy, all Essent Biologics products are developed using robust design control processes and produced under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). For more information, please visit

Media ContactCorey StoneEssent

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Essent Biologics Launches With A Mission To Provide Human-Derived Biomaterials And 3D Biology Data For Cell Therapy And Tissue Engineering - The Grand...

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How to Treat a Wounded Manatee – The New York Times

By daniellenierenberg

Unfortunately, there arent too many manatees that dont have a wound, says Jon (JP) Peterson, vice president of zoological operations at SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla. Peterson oversees the rescue team, a group of wildlife veterinarians and animal specialists who travel the coastal waterways of the Southeast providing emergency medicine to wild animals, including injured, cold and orphaned manatees. Boats are the most common cause of wounds: Sharp skegs and propellers scrape along the animals backs and flanks, leaving behind everything from minor scratches to much more severe lacerations like those Peterson calls sucking chest wounds.

Assess the cut and nearby tissue. Gray is bad, Peterson says. You want pink. If you see dark gray or brown, blood, pus or smell a pungent odor, there is usually infection. A manatees outer skin is tough, like an elephants hide, and prone to close up quickly. Clean, flush and scrub the wound with a sterile solution like chlorhexidine until youve removed the necrotic tissue (you may need to cut it out). To accelerate healing, Petersons team uses antibiotics, cold-laser therapy and stem cells, as well as raw, unpasteurized honey. Use a tongue depressor and pack the honey into the wound, Peterson says. With its sticky, antibacterial properties, honey stays put, even underwater.

Dont underestimate the strength of these animals. Theyre one ball of muscle, Peterson says. Dolphins and whales make less challenging patients. Release healed manatees back into the wild. Of course, unless youre trained and permitted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, you should not handle manatees at all. Mistreating them is illegal and can result in a fine and prison time. In 1967, only a few hundred manatees remained in Florida when they were listed among the first class of endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. Researchers now estimate the population at 6,300, most with crisscrossing bright white scars across their bodies. In fact, scarring is so prevalent that scientists use scar patterns to identify individual manatees during aerial surveys. You can look down from an airplane and see, Oh, look, theres so-and-so, Peterson says.

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How to Treat a Wounded Manatee - The New York Times

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We tried The Body Shops new Drops of Youth skincare range heres what we thought – The Independent

By daniellenierenberg

There are lots of places in a skincare routine where a budget product can do the job perfectly well, but your serum often isnt one of them; an effective, affordable serum is a rare thing. Its no wonder, then, that a bottle of The Body Shops brilliant youth concentrate sells every 27 seconds.

The entire Drops of Youth range, of which youth concentrate is one of the stars, is formulated around the same quad of ingredients and, as well as the serum, includes a foaming cleanser, toner, eye cream, moisturiser, night-time mask, sheet mask, reformulated liquid peel and the new bouncy jelly mist.

As part of its launch, a trio of products from the Drops of Youth range the new mist, the reformulated peel and the cult serum have been rebranded for the lockdown age, emphasising their pollution clearing and blue light-fighting properties.

Now we are spending more time indoors than ever, you might expect that our skins exposure to environmental damage is much reduced. But indoor pollution is a problem, too. Confined to our houses, heating, ventilation, cooking, damp, dust and even the light from your phone have the potential to cause surface-level congestion (aka spots) and deep damage, leading to premature ageing and possible discolouration.

High-energy visible light (HEV light), often referred to as blue light are rays emitted from the screens of the devices phones, tablets, laptops on which we increasingly spend our days, and penetrates the skin more deeply than UV rays, in part due to how much closer its source is to our faces than the sun.

We put the new and improved range to the test to see if it lives up to expectations.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

Drops of Youth Bouncy Jelly Mist

(The Body Shop)

The Drops of Youth bouncy jelly mist feels wetter and more substantial on first application than many similar hydrating sprays, and quickly absorbs and dries down to a silky, matte finish on the skin. We love it for a mid-afternoon refresh, when our skin is starting to feel dry, though we find the spritz a little too heavy to apply directly to the face, and so prefer to spray it into our hands first. If you want to spray it over make-up, make sure you hold the bottle an arms length away.

The formula contains a trio of plant stem cells: criste marine, sea holly and edelweiss, all of which are known for their resilience and regenerating powers in the wild. Edelweiss, sourced from the Italian Alps, is particularly interesting. The flower survives UV rays and extreme weather where it grows at altitude, and in skincare is a powerful antioxidant.

It contains leontopodic acid, which strengthens the skins barrier, encouraging regeneration and hydration, and reducing and soothing sensitive reactions, thus increasing your skins resistance to external pressures including blue light and indoor pollution.

It also contains fair trade moringa oil, which is itself an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants, including quercetin and vitamins A, C and E, all of which further the protection against environmental aggressors offered by the Drops of Youth plant stem cell trio. Moringa oil is also a good source of amino acids and oleic acid, a fatty acid that helps restore the skins natural barrier and protects against moisture loss, and is a lighter weight than many other plant oils. Youll find all these ingredients throughout the Drops of Youth range, making it a strong offering for both antioxidant protection and lasting hydration.

(The Body Shop)

The cult youth concentrate serum is, of course, also a favourite. With its pipette applicator, slightly gloopy texture and excellent slip across the skin (a tiny drop goes a long way), it has the application experience of a far more expensive serum. It dries to a slightly tacky finish (which we dont mind, as its rarely the final product in our routine) and feels like a fresh drink for your skin. For those who want a hydrating, protecting serum, it makes a happy two-in-one swap for hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums, and at a very competitive price point.

Drops of Youth Liquid Peel

(The Body Shop)

Completing the trio is the liquid peel, which has a gel-like consistency and is, curiously, massaged into dry skin. After a few seconds white peelings begin to lift away from the skin; it's quite a dramatic effect and the claim is that this is dead skin lifting away, but at least some of it will be the product itself.

The classic exfoliating ingredient in the peel is citric acid, though it's very low on the ingredients list, meaning it's included in small quantities. Skin is left soft and smooth, and it's a good option for those with sensitive skin or who are scared of the exfoliating heavyweights, but those who are after a more serious peel will find it underwhelming.

Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate

(The Body Shop)

Another highlight from the range, this has a rolling metal ball applicator and a light, gel-like texture that is more like a serum than a traditional eye cream. It is gorgeously soothing and cooling perfect on tired, irritated eyes and to alleviate morning puffiness and leaves the skin plumped and smooth.

We also love the youth cream moisturiser (25), which again has a light, whipped gel texture and leaves skin plump and silky smooth. Its the perfect base for make-up.

Drops of Youth bouncy sleeping mask

(The Body Shop)

A final favourite is the youth bouncy sleeping mask (22), and not just for the name. We love the promise of night skincare maximum time for the product to work on its skin, minimum effort involved and this is a proper mask that requires rinsing off in the morning, unlike many night-time masks, which feel more like heavy moisturisers. It has a thick, jelly-like texture that you have to really dig into to break the surface; after each unceremonious scoop it magically settles into a smooth, level surface infinitely satisfying. Skin is left brighter, nourished and glowing in the morning.

The verdict: The Body Shop Drops of Youth range

The range is a brilliant choice for skincare addicts after protection from environmental damage and bouncy, hydrated skin without the spend demanded by luxury products. The cult serum, youth concentrate, remains the star of the extended line-up, but your face will reward you for adding the new bouncy jelly mist to your cart, too. Drops of Youth is a bold marketing claim, but the plump, fresh, glowing skin it gives certainly helps.

IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

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We tried The Body Shops new Drops of Youth skincare range heres what we thought - The Independent

To Read More: We tried The Body Shops new Drops of Youth skincare range heres what we thought – The Independent
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Stem Cell Therapy Market to Witness Increase in Revenues by 2025 NeighborWebSJ – NeighborWebSJ

By daniellenierenberg

Stem Cell Therapy Market: Snapshot

Of late, there has been an increasing awareness regarding the therapeutic potential of stem cells for management of diseases which is boosting the growth of the stem cell therapy market. The development of advanced genome based cell analysis techniques, identification of new stem cell lines, increasing investments in research and development as well as infrastructure development for the processing and banking of stem cell are encouraging the growth of the global stem cell therapy market.

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One of the key factors boosting the growth of this market is the limitations of traditional organ transplantation such as the risk of infection, rejection, and immunosuppression risk. Another drawback of conventional organ transplantation is that doctors have to depend on organ donors completely. All these issues can be eliminated, by the application of stem cell therapy. Another factor which is helping the growth in this market is the growing pipeline and development of drugs for emerging applications. Increased research studies aiming to widen the scope of stem cell will also fuel the growth of the market. Scientists are constantly engaged in trying to find out novel methods for creating human stem cells in response to the growing demand for stem cell production to be used for disease management.

It is estimated that the dermatology application will contribute significantly the growth of the global stem cell therapy market. This is because stem cell therapy can help decrease the after effects of general treatments for burns such as infections, scars, and adhesion. The increasing number of patients suffering from diabetes and growing cases of trauma surgery will fuel the adoption of stem cell therapy in the dermatology segment.

Global Stem Cell Therapy Market: Overview

Also called regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy encourages the reparative response of damaged, diseased, or dysfunctional tissue via the use of stem cells and their derivatives. Replacing the practice of organ transplantations, stem cell therapies have eliminated the dependence on availability of donors. Bone marrow transplant is perhaps the most commonly employed stem cell therapy.

Osteoarthritis, cerebral palsy, heart failure, multiple sclerosis and even hearing loss could be treated using stem cell therapies. Doctors have successfully performed stem cell transplants that significantly aid patients fight cancers such as leukemia and other blood-related diseases.

Global Stem Cell Therapy Market: Key Trends

The key factors influencing the growth of the global stem cell therapy market are increasing funds in the development of new stem lines, the advent of advanced genomic procedures used in stem cell analysis, and greater emphasis on human embryonic stem cells. As the traditional organ transplantations are associated with limitations such as infection, rejection, and immunosuppression along with high reliance on organ donors, the demand for stem cell therapy is likely to soar. The growing deployment of stem cells in the treatment of wounds and damaged skin, scarring, and grafts is another prominent catalyst of the market.

On the contrary, inadequate infrastructural facilities coupled with ethical issues related to embryonic stem cells might impede the growth of the market. However, the ongoing research for the manipulation of stem cells from cord blood cells, bone marrow, and skin for the treatment of ailments including cardiovascular and diabetes will open up new doors for the advancement of the market.

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Global Stem Cell Therapy Market: Market Potential

A number of new studies, research projects, and development of novel therapies have come forth in the global market for stem cell therapy. Several of these treatments are in the pipeline, while many others have received approvals by regulatory bodies.

In March 2017, Belgian biotech company TiGenix announced that its cardiac stem cell therapy, AlloCSC-01 has successfully reached its phase I/II with positive results. Subsequently, it has been approved by the U.S. FDA. If this therapy is well- received by the market, nearly 1.9 million AMI patients could be treated through this stem cell therapy.

Another significant development is the granting of a patent to Israel-based Kadimastem Ltd. for its novel stem-cell based technology to be used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other similar conditions of the nervous system. The companys technology used for producing supporting cells in the central nervous system, taken from human stem cells such as myelin-producing cells is also covered in the patent.

Global Stem Cell Therapy Market: Regional Outlook

The global market for stem cell therapy can be segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. North America emerged as the leading regional market, triggered by the rising incidence of chronic health conditions and government support. Europe also displays significant growth potential, as the benefits of this therapy are increasingly acknowledged.

Asia Pacific is slated for maximum growth, thanks to the massive patient pool, bulk of investments in stem cell therapy projects, and the increasing recognition of growth opportunities in countries such as China, Japan, and India by the leading market players.

Global Stem Cell Therapy Market: Competitive Analysis

Several firms are adopting strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, collaborations, and partnerships, apart from product development with a view to attain a strong foothold in the global market for stem cell therapy.

Some of the major companies operating in the global market for stem cell therapy are RTI Surgical, Inc., MEDIPOST Co., Ltd., Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., NuVasive, Inc., Pharmicell Co., Ltd., Anterogen Co., Ltd., JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., and Holostem Terapie Avanzate S.r.l.

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About TMR Research:

TMR Research is a premier provider of customized market research and consulting services to business entities keen on succeeding in todays supercharged economic climate. Armed with an experienced, dedicated, and dynamic team of analysts, we are redefining the way our clients conduct business by providing them with authoritative and trusted research studies in tune with the latest methodologies and market trends.


TMR Research,3739 Balboa St # 1097,San Francisco, CA 94121United States

Tel: +1-415-520-1050

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Stem Cell Therapy Market to Witness Increase in Revenues by 2025 NeighborWebSJ - NeighborWebSJ

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4 Doctors Reveal the Pros and Cons to Microneedling Treatments – NewBeauty Magazine

By daniellenierenberg

While the thought of dozens of tiny needles aimed directly at our faces sounds like a scare, microneedling may be worth it for the radiant skin it delivers. As with any trending procedure, it has its pros and consheres what four top doctors want you to know before scheduling an appointment.

It Opens Up the Skin BarrierMicroneedling creates little puncture sites in the skin, which allow for deeper product penetration, says Highland Park, IL plastic surgeon Steven P. Bloch, MD, who recommends combining the treatment with TCA peels that include hydrogen peroxide, exosomesthe healing, skin-calming growth factors derived from stem cellsor vitamins to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Applying medical-grade skin-care products after the procedure offers the best results because the skin will soak everything up much more effectively.

It Stimulates Collagen ProductionAs we age, our bodies produce less collagen (starting as early as our 20s), and therefore our skin begins to lose elasticity. However, Birmingham, AL dermatologist Corey Hartman, MD explains that microneedling promotes collagen production in our skin cells, helping it look as young as possible. Microneedling, which works on all skin types, administers small injuries to kick the bodys natural healing process into gear and rejuvenate the skin, he explains. Though there are only a few procedures in cosmetic dermatology that are truly preventive, microneedling delivers on the promise to stimulate fibroblasts, which synthesize the production of collagen.

ItCanBeEffectiveforTreatingMelasmaOne of the most common concerns women walk into our office with is melasma, says Grand Rapids, MI plastic surgeon Bradley Bengtson, MD. More often than not, melasma is not optimally treated with high-heat laser devices, so microneedling is a great tool to break up the pigment. The procedure banishes dark patches by allowing brightening creams and serums with ingredients like vitamin C to penetrate deep into the epidermal and dermal layers.

ItRequiresNoSkilltoUseAny Tom, Dick, Sally or Jane can buy a microneedling machine, set up a strip-mall shop and offer it to people, says Eagan, MN dermatologist Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD, who stresses that complications can arise if you dont visit a board-certified doctor for the treatment. Instead, he recommends an ablative laser, which also boosts collagen and tightens the skin with much more sophistication.

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4 Doctors Reveal the Pros and Cons to Microneedling Treatments - NewBeauty Magazine

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Here’s Why The Body Shop Is A Cult Brand to Know Plus The Best-Sellers To Buy – GLAMOUR UK

By daniellenierenberg

Body Shop stans, assemble! We have collated the best the brand has to offer to optimise your bathroom cabinet.

But before you start shopping, here are a few did you knows. This cruelty-free, British brand was the first international cosmetics brand to prohibit the use of ingredients tested on animals and one of the first to promote Fair Trade with third world countries. Earning its place as a household name over the past four decades plus a cult following, thanks to a diverse range of over 900 products, suitable for different skin tones and types and half of which are vegan.

For some insight, this Brighton-born beauty story dates back to 1976. It was founded by the iconic entrepreneur and human rights activist Dame Anita Roddick, pioneer to ethical consumerism, who wanted to create a high quality, revolutionary skincare range that would be a positive force in the beauty landscape. What differentiated Roddicks vision to other beauty giants was her desire to create the perfect harmony between quality, accessibility, environmental consciousness (starting out with refillable containers etc) and profit. That passion filtered through to employees - and the brand's ideology hasnt much changed along the years.

Helping disadvantaged communities is a brand priority and they have been sourcing their Community Fair Trade (CFT) shea butter from Tungteiya Womens Association in Northern Ghana since 1994. Where 640 women from 11 villages, handcraft shea butter using an 18-stage process of traditional techniques, successfully creating generational opportunities passed from mother to daughter. Their CFT handcrafted paper and gift packaging is also sustainably sourced from Kathmandu, Nepal.

A B Corp certified brand is amongst the 3,000 businesses worldwide to have the highest social and environmental standards for people and the planet. One focus is on using plant-based and recycled plastic (rather than oil-based plastics) and creating initiatives to aid consumers around the world to reuse, repurpose and recycle. In 2019, we reintroduced our pioneering refill scheme, a recycling programme and removed 21 tonnes of plastic from our gifts. says says Linda Campbell, Managing Director for the UK.

The ideals of The Body Shops founder had a direct impact on the direction of the brand. They havent shied away from supporting feminist movements, constantly raising the bar on ethical consciousness and fighting to empower girls and women across all demographics. The Body Shop have spent the last few years initiating and aligning with campaigns, most recently the Covid-19 response derived #IsolatedNotAlone campaign. With the objective of raising awareness on domestic abuse and providing potentially life-saving resources for survivors and bystanders at increased risk during lockdown measures." says Campbell.

If all this doesnt make you feel more passionate about the brand, we dont know what will. And that's before we even get the quality products at consumer friendly prices. But dont let the Body Shop name fool you though, as not only extensive bath and body sup, but skincare, haircare and vegan makeup.

If youre a lover of newness, you might want to investigate the latest drop, which includes Hemp Dry Body Oil, 14, and the Drops of Youth Bouncy Jelly Mist, 16. A gel-to-mist formula protect the skin from indoor and outdoor pollution as well as the effects of blue light from all the Zooming.

But the beauty giant is just as loved for its cult products, from the nourishing glow masks to their world famous body butters (which sell at a rate of one every three seconds). If you want to know what the hype is really about, here is a selection of the 10 bestselling products and why they deserve a spot in your bathroom cabinet.

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Here's Why The Body Shop Is A Cult Brand to Know Plus The Best-Sellers To Buy - GLAMOUR UK

To Read More: Here’s Why The Body Shop Is A Cult Brand to Know Plus The Best-Sellers To Buy – GLAMOUR UK
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Ohio State establishing national standards for ALS genetic testing, research and patient care | Ohio State Medical Center – Wexner Medical Center -…

By daniellenierenberg

Led by genetic counselor Jennifer Roggenbuck, MS, LGC, a one-year grant awarded by the ALS Association is funding Ohio States formal development of national clinical guidelines for ALS genetic testing that will be used by healthcare centers nationwide. We have cared for thousands of patients since opening our ALS/MND Clinic in the mid-1990s and have extensive experience with genetic testing, says Roggenbuck. We believe its extremely important to establish national testing standards, to ensure that all persons with ALS can benefit from genetic advances, and to fuel further research.

Genetic testing and counseling directly benefits our patients, explains clinic director Stephen J. Kolb, MD, PhD. Genetic characterization of our patients also opens the door to research opportunities. In addition to formal genetic counseling, our clinic has an ALS Clinical Research Coordinator who meets with every patient to explain our basic science and clinical trial opportunities and answer any related questions. Our patient partnerships are a key factor in the size and scope of our research program. Because Ohio State is now among the largest ALS research sites in the country, were regularly asked to participate in or lead high profile National Institutes of Health (NIH) and foundation studies.

A major focus of our program is to connect the individuals that we serve in clinic to the critical research efforts that are happening in laboratories here at Ohio State as well as those throughout the world. One example of this is the development of individualized models of disease, says Dr. Kolb. We and our collaborators are able to biopsy a persons skin cells and turn them into a type of stem cell that allow us to reproduce each patients exact ALS condition in the laboratory. We can then study the models to look for causes and develop therapies on a case-by-case basis.

The ALS/MND Multidisciplinary Clinic and Research Program is part of Ohio States Neurological Institute, with one of the largest neuromuscular centers in the country, so there is an established team of multidisciplinary experts to help each patient, even those with unusual or difficult symptoms. The ALS/MND program is led by Kolb, a physician-scientist, and in addition to the full-time research coordinator, he is joined by a clinical neurologist, genetic counselor, clinical nurse practitioner, social worker and nutritionist, as well as physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapists. The Ohio State Department of Neurology is a member of NeuroNEXT: Network for Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials and a contributing member to the Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS).

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Ohio State establishing national standards for ALS genetic testing, research and patient care | Ohio State Medical Center - Wexner Medical Center -...

To Read More: Ohio State establishing national standards for ALS genetic testing, research and patient care | Ohio State Medical Center – Wexner Medical Center -…
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Global Regenerative Medicine Market Insights, Overview, Analysis and Forecast 2022 NeighborWebSJ – NeighborWebSJ

By daniellenierenberg

Regenerative Medicine Market Major Players:

Players active in the global regenerative medicine market include Osiris Therapeutics, Cook Biotech, Organogenesis, Baxter International, Inc., Stryker and RTI surgical, LifeSciences, CryoLife, Advanced Cell Technology, Sanofi, BioMimetic Therapeutics, Medtronic, StemCellsInc, and LifeCell Kinetic Concepts, among others.


Regenerative Medicine Market Outlook

Global regenerative medicine market is growing continually, witnessing a massive uptake. Market growth primarily attributes to the increasing advancement in healthcare technology and the growing prevalence of chronic diseases. Besides, improvements in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell technology drive the growth of the market excellently.

Moreover, the rising uptake of therapeutics such as stem cell biology, cellular therapy, tissue engineering in applications, including cord blood, oncology, urology, orthopedics, neurology, dermatology, and others accelerate the market growth. According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the global regenerative medicine market is poised to grow at 25.4% CAGR throughout the forecast period (2016 2022).


Additionally, the rising uptake of stem cell & tissue engineering processes in the treatment of health issues ranging from orthopedics, musculoskeletal & spine, dental, and skin/integumentary to cancer, neurology, and cardiology substantiate the market growth. Furthermore, the increasing rate of road accidents, injuries, and trauma cases drive the market exponentially, driving the demand for transplants & surgical reconstruction procedures.

On the other hand, factors such as the lack of awareness, skilled professionals, and stringent regulatory policies are projected to act as significant impeders for market growth. Nevertheless, funding support for the development of regenerative medicines would support the growth of the market throughout the predicted period. Also, widening application areas of regenerative medicines in the field of stem cell reconstructive and skin grafting would increase the market growth.

Global Regenerative Medicine Market Segments

The analysis is segmented into four dynamics;

By Material: Synthetic Materials, Genetically Engineered Materials, Pharmaceuticals, and others.

By Therapy: Stem Cell Biology, Cellular Therapy, Tissue Engineering, and others.

By Application: Cord Blood, Oncology, Urology, Orthopedics, Neurology, Dermatology, and others.


By Regions: Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Rest-of-the-World.

Regenerative Medicine Market Regional Analysis

North America is projected to continue dominating the globalregenerative medicine marketthroughout the forecast period. In 2015, North America accounted for more than 44% of the overall market share. This huge market growth attributes to the presence of a large number of major players and pharma & biotechnology companies. Moreover, huge investments made by public & private organizations drive the regenerative medicine industry in the region.

Besides, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and orthopedic issues and increasing clinical trials to evaluate the therapeutic potential of products foster regional market growth. Also, the well-spread awareness towards the therapeutic potency of regenerative medicines impacts the market growth positively. The North American regenerative medicine market is expected to grow at a robust CAGR of 22.3% over the review period.

Europe stands second in the global regenerative medicine market. Factors such as the increasing per capita healthcare expenses and penetration of healthcare sectors in the region boost the market growth. Additionally, the rising government support and R&D funding in the life science developments substantiate the regional market growth. Markets in the UK, Germany, and France, contribute to the regional market majorly. The European regenerative medicine market is estimated to grow at 22.5% CAGR during the assessment period.


The Asia Pacific regenerative medicine market has emerged as a rapidly growing market. Factors such as the large advances in biotechnology and increasing government support for R&D are fostering the growth of the regional market. Regenerative medicine markets in highly populated countries such as China, India, and Japan support the regional market growth excellently, heading with huge technological advances. The APAC Regenerative Medicine market is predicted to demonstrate huge growth potential.

Global Regenerative Medicine Market Competitive Analysis

The well-established regenerative medicine market appears to be highly competitive with the presence of several notable players. To gain a larger competitive advantage, market players incorporate strategic initiatives such as mergers & acquisitions, expansions, and product/technology launch. Also, they make substantial investments to drive R&D to develop their capabilities and to expand their global footprints. Simultaneously, R&D funding programs initiated by the governments to enhance regenerative medicine capabilities are offering high growth potential. This is further going to attract several new entrants to the market and intensify the market competition further.

Regenerative Medicine Industry/Innovations/Related News:

March 15, 2020 - Research team at the University of Sheffield published their study on stem cell mutations that could improve regenerative medicine in the magazine Stem Cell Reports. Their study gives new insights into the cause of mutations in pluripotent stem cells and potential ways of stopping these mutations from occurring. It also suggests ways to reduce the likelihood of variations occurring in these cells when cultured. There is considerable interest in using Pluripotent stem cells to produce cells that can replace diseased or damaged tissues in applications referred to as regenerative medicine.


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Global Regenerative Medicine Market Insights, Overview, Analysis and Forecast 2022 NeighborWebSJ - NeighborWebSJ

To Read More: Global Regenerative Medicine Market Insights, Overview, Analysis and Forecast 2022 NeighborWebSJ – NeighborWebSJ
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I Tried The Slugging Skincare Trend & Here’s What Happened – GLAMOUR UK

By daniellenierenberg

There's no better time than a national lockdown to test out the coolest new skincare/makeup/hair trends and snazzy innovations in beauty tech from the comfort of your own home. That said, there's nothing more frustrating than spending upwards of 100 on a snazzy new hair treatment or at-home facial system, only to find out it doesn't *actually* work.

Enter GLAMOUR Tries: the weekly Instagram series which sees GLAMOUR editors do all of the time-consuming (and expensive) work for you.

We've been busy trying out all of the (sometimes) wacky but always wonderful beauty crazes to take the internet by storm - from the FOREO's UFO 2 Smart Mask Treatment to Sarah Chapman's 138 Meso-Melt Infusion at-home facial and Toni&Guy's Hello Day! Secret Volumising Crimper. These are the products that every veteran beauty sleuth is talking about - but that you want to do a bit of research into before buying.

Thanks to GLAMOUR Tries, you won't need to waste your hard-earned pennies on testing these innovations yourself. We're getting in their first, giving you the lowdown and making sure you invest in products that genuinely work. Like what you see? You can shop all of the products seen on GLAMOUR tries, with the click of a button, down below. Don't say we don't treat you.

On GLAMOUR Tries this week, Social Media Assistant Luca Wetherby-Matthews tried the Korean beauty technique of slugging. In short, it involves putting Vaseline on your face. Intrigued? Us too.

Vaseline, 2.99, Boots

The science behind it is that petroleum jelly acts as a moisture barrier, locking in your skin's moisture and preventing any hydration from escaping overnight. You can choose where you want to put the Vaseline... you could do it all over you face, or, if you've got oilier skin you could avoid your T-Zone and target the areas where your skin is dry. You could even target your under eyes or fine lines... the choice is yours!

You want to apply the Vaseline after you've carried out your normal skincare routine - yes, even after your face serum and moisturiser - as this is your final step. You're then going to sleep in it overnight and wake up (hopefully) with a transformed complexion.

So how did it go? "It wasn't as weird as I was expecting it to be," Luca said. "It does feel like you're putting something on that you shouldn't be putting on, but not too bad, so we're going to sleep in it and see what happens in the morning."

"There is a slight difference in my skin," Luca said when she woke up. The bits that were the most dry, like my forehead, I can feel are definitely smoother. So I think as far as skin treatments go, it's *super* cheap to buy a pot of Vaseline and despite its reputation of not being as chic as other products, I think it does the job."

Vaseline, 2.99, Boots

Would you give slugging a go? Have you already tried it? Let us know your thoughts over on Instagram @glamouruk.

I Tried The Slugging Skincare Trend & Here's What Happened - GLAMOUR UK

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