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Stem Cell Therapy Market to Witness Increase in Revenues by 2025 NeighborWebSJ – NeighborWebSJ

By daniellenierenberg

Stem Cell Therapy Market: Snapshot

Of late, there has been an increasing awareness regarding the therapeutic potential of stem cells for management of diseases which is boosting the growth of the stem cell therapy market. The development of advanced genome based cell analysis techniques, identification of new stem cell lines, increasing investments in research and development as well as infrastructure development for the processing and banking of stem cell are encouraging the growth of the global stem cell therapy market.

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One of the key factors boosting the growth of this market is the limitations of traditional organ transplantation such as the risk of infection, rejection, and immunosuppression risk. Another drawback of conventional organ transplantation is that doctors have to depend on organ donors completely. All these issues can be eliminated, by the application of stem cell therapy. Another factor which is helping the growth in this market is the growing pipeline and development of drugs for emerging applications. Increased research studies aiming to widen the scope of stem cell will also fuel the growth of the market. Scientists are constantly engaged in trying to find out novel methods for creating human stem cells in response to the growing demand for stem cell production to be used for disease management.

It is estimated that the dermatology application will contribute significantly the growth of the global stem cell therapy market. This is because stem cell therapy can help decrease the after effects of general treatments for burns such as infections, scars, and adhesion. The increasing number of patients suffering from diabetes and growing cases of trauma surgery will fuel the adoption of stem cell therapy in the dermatology segment.

Global Stem Cell Therapy Market: Overview

Also called regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy encourages the reparative response of damaged, diseased, or dysfunctional tissue via the use of stem cells and their derivatives. Replacing the practice of organ transplantations, stem cell therapies have eliminated the dependence on availability of donors. Bone marrow transplant is perhaps the most commonly employed stem cell therapy.

Osteoarthritis, cerebral palsy, heart failure, multiple sclerosis and even hearing loss could be treated using stem cell therapies. Doctors have successfully performed stem cell transplants that significantly aid patients fight cancers such as leukemia and other blood-related diseases.

Global Stem Cell Therapy Market: Key Trends

The key factors influencing the growth of the global stem cell therapy market are increasing funds in the development of new stem lines, the advent of advanced genomic procedures used in stem cell analysis, and greater emphasis on human embryonic stem cells. As the traditional organ transplantations are associated with limitations such as infection, rejection, and immunosuppression along with high reliance on organ donors, the demand for stem cell therapy is likely to soar. The growing deployment of stem cells in the treatment of wounds and damaged skin, scarring, and grafts is another prominent catalyst of the market.

On the contrary, inadequate infrastructural facilities coupled with ethical issues related to embryonic stem cells might impede the growth of the market. However, the ongoing research for the manipulation of stem cells from cord blood cells, bone marrow, and skin for the treatment of ailments including cardiovascular and diabetes will open up new doors for the advancement of the market.

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Global Stem Cell Therapy Market: Market Potential

A number of new studies, research projects, and development of novel therapies have come forth in the global market for stem cell therapy. Several of these treatments are in the pipeline, while many others have received approvals by regulatory bodies.

In March 2017, Belgian biotech company TiGenix announced that its cardiac stem cell therapy, AlloCSC-01 has successfully reached its phase I/II with positive results. Subsequently, it has been approved by the U.S. FDA. If this therapy is well- received by the market, nearly 1.9 million AMI patients could be treated through this stem cell therapy.

Another significant development is the granting of a patent to Israel-based Kadimastem Ltd. for its novel stem-cell based technology to be used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other similar conditions of the nervous system. The companys technology used for producing supporting cells in the central nervous system, taken from human stem cells such as myelin-producing cells is also covered in the patent.

Global Stem Cell Therapy Market: Regional Outlook

The global market for stem cell therapy can be segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. North America emerged as the leading regional market, triggered by the rising incidence of chronic health conditions and government support. Europe also displays significant growth potential, as the benefits of this therapy are increasingly acknowledged.

Asia Pacific is slated for maximum growth, thanks to the massive patient pool, bulk of investments in stem cell therapy projects, and the increasing recognition of growth opportunities in countries such as China, Japan, and India by the leading market players.

Global Stem Cell Therapy Market: Competitive Analysis

Several firms are adopting strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, collaborations, and partnerships, apart from product development with a view to attain a strong foothold in the global market for stem cell therapy.

Some of the major companies operating in the global market for stem cell therapy are RTI Surgical, Inc., MEDIPOST Co., Ltd., Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., NuVasive, Inc., Pharmicell Co., Ltd., Anterogen Co., Ltd., JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., and Holostem Terapie Avanzate S.r.l.

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Stem Cell Therapy Market to Witness Increase in Revenues by 2025 NeighborWebSJ - NeighborWebSJ

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4 Doctors Reveal the Pros and Cons to Microneedling Treatments – NewBeauty Magazine

By daniellenierenberg

While the thought of dozens of tiny needles aimed directly at our faces sounds like a scare, microneedling may be worth it for the radiant skin it delivers. As with any trending procedure, it has its pros and consheres what four top doctors want you to know before scheduling an appointment.

It Opens Up the Skin BarrierMicroneedling creates little puncture sites in the skin, which allow for deeper product penetration, says Highland Park, IL plastic surgeon Steven P. Bloch, MD, who recommends combining the treatment with TCA peels that include hydrogen peroxide, exosomesthe healing, skin-calming growth factors derived from stem cellsor vitamins to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Applying medical-grade skin-care products after the procedure offers the best results because the skin will soak everything up much more effectively.

It Stimulates Collagen ProductionAs we age, our bodies produce less collagen (starting as early as our 20s), and therefore our skin begins to lose elasticity. However, Birmingham, AL dermatologist Corey Hartman, MD explains that microneedling promotes collagen production in our skin cells, helping it look as young as possible. Microneedling, which works on all skin types, administers small injuries to kick the bodys natural healing process into gear and rejuvenate the skin, he explains. Though there are only a few procedures in cosmetic dermatology that are truly preventive, microneedling delivers on the promise to stimulate fibroblasts, which synthesize the production of collagen.

ItCanBeEffectiveforTreatingMelasmaOne of the most common concerns women walk into our office with is melasma, says Grand Rapids, MI plastic surgeon Bradley Bengtson, MD. More often than not, melasma is not optimally treated with high-heat laser devices, so microneedling is a great tool to break up the pigment. The procedure banishes dark patches by allowing brightening creams and serums with ingredients like vitamin C to penetrate deep into the epidermal and dermal layers.

ItRequiresNoSkilltoUseAny Tom, Dick, Sally or Jane can buy a microneedling machine, set up a strip-mall shop and offer it to people, says Eagan, MN dermatologist Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD, who stresses that complications can arise if you dont visit a board-certified doctor for the treatment. Instead, he recommends an ablative laser, which also boosts collagen and tightens the skin with much more sophistication.

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4 Doctors Reveal the Pros and Cons to Microneedling Treatments - NewBeauty Magazine

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Here’s Why The Body Shop Is A Cult Brand to Know Plus The Best-Sellers To Buy – GLAMOUR UK

By daniellenierenberg

Body Shop stans, assemble! We have collated the best the brand has to offer to optimise your bathroom cabinet.

But before you start shopping, here are a few did you knows. This cruelty-free, British brand was the first international cosmetics brand to prohibit the use of ingredients tested on animals and one of the first to promote Fair Trade with third world countries. Earning its place as a household name over the past four decades plus a cult following, thanks to a diverse range of over 900 products, suitable for different skin tones and types and half of which are vegan.

For some insight, this Brighton-born beauty story dates back to 1976. It was founded by the iconic entrepreneur and human rights activist Dame Anita Roddick, pioneer to ethical consumerism, who wanted to create a high quality, revolutionary skincare range that would be a positive force in the beauty landscape. What differentiated Roddicks vision to other beauty giants was her desire to create the perfect harmony between quality, accessibility, environmental consciousness (starting out with refillable containers etc) and profit. That passion filtered through to employees - and the brand's ideology hasnt much changed along the years.

Helping disadvantaged communities is a brand priority and they have been sourcing their Community Fair Trade (CFT) shea butter from Tungteiya Womens Association in Northern Ghana since 1994. Where 640 women from 11 villages, handcraft shea butter using an 18-stage process of traditional techniques, successfully creating generational opportunities passed from mother to daughter. Their CFT handcrafted paper and gift packaging is also sustainably sourced from Kathmandu, Nepal.

A B Corp certified brand is amongst the 3,000 businesses worldwide to have the highest social and environmental standards for people and the planet. One focus is on using plant-based and recycled plastic (rather than oil-based plastics) and creating initiatives to aid consumers around the world to reuse, repurpose and recycle. In 2019, we reintroduced our pioneering refill scheme, a recycling programme and removed 21 tonnes of plastic from our gifts. says says Linda Campbell, Managing Director for the UK.

The ideals of The Body Shops founder had a direct impact on the direction of the brand. They havent shied away from supporting feminist movements, constantly raising the bar on ethical consciousness and fighting to empower girls and women across all demographics. The Body Shop have spent the last few years initiating and aligning with campaigns, most recently the Covid-19 response derived #IsolatedNotAlone campaign. With the objective of raising awareness on domestic abuse and providing potentially life-saving resources for survivors and bystanders at increased risk during lockdown measures." says Campbell.

If all this doesnt make you feel more passionate about the brand, we dont know what will. And that's before we even get the quality products at consumer friendly prices. But dont let the Body Shop name fool you though, as not only extensive bath and body sup, but skincare, haircare and vegan makeup.

If youre a lover of newness, you might want to investigate the latest drop, which includes Hemp Dry Body Oil, 14, and the Drops of Youth Bouncy Jelly Mist, 16. A gel-to-mist formula protect the skin from indoor and outdoor pollution as well as the effects of blue light from all the Zooming.

But the beauty giant is just as loved for its cult products, from the nourishing glow masks to their world famous body butters (which sell at a rate of one every three seconds). If you want to know what the hype is really about, here is a selection of the 10 bestselling products and why they deserve a spot in your bathroom cabinet.

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Here's Why The Body Shop Is A Cult Brand to Know Plus The Best-Sellers To Buy - GLAMOUR UK

To Read More: Here’s Why The Body Shop Is A Cult Brand to Know Plus The Best-Sellers To Buy – GLAMOUR UK
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Ohio State establishing national standards for ALS genetic testing, research and patient care | Ohio State Medical Center – Wexner Medical Center -…

By daniellenierenberg

Led by genetic counselor Jennifer Roggenbuck, MS, LGC, a one-year grant awarded by the ALS Association is funding Ohio States formal development of national clinical guidelines for ALS genetic testing that will be used by healthcare centers nationwide. We have cared for thousands of patients since opening our ALS/MND Clinic in the mid-1990s and have extensive experience with genetic testing, says Roggenbuck. We believe its extremely important to establish national testing standards, to ensure that all persons with ALS can benefit from genetic advances, and to fuel further research.

Genetic testing and counseling directly benefits our patients, explains clinic director Stephen J. Kolb, MD, PhD. Genetic characterization of our patients also opens the door to research opportunities. In addition to formal genetic counseling, our clinic has an ALS Clinical Research Coordinator who meets with every patient to explain our basic science and clinical trial opportunities and answer any related questions. Our patient partnerships are a key factor in the size and scope of our research program. Because Ohio State is now among the largest ALS research sites in the country, were regularly asked to participate in or lead high profile National Institutes of Health (NIH) and foundation studies.

A major focus of our program is to connect the individuals that we serve in clinic to the critical research efforts that are happening in laboratories here at Ohio State as well as those throughout the world. One example of this is the development of individualized models of disease, says Dr. Kolb. We and our collaborators are able to biopsy a persons skin cells and turn them into a type of stem cell that allow us to reproduce each patients exact ALS condition in the laboratory. We can then study the models to look for causes and develop therapies on a case-by-case basis.

The ALS/MND Multidisciplinary Clinic and Research Program is part of Ohio States Neurological Institute, with one of the largest neuromuscular centers in the country, so there is an established team of multidisciplinary experts to help each patient, even those with unusual or difficult symptoms. The ALS/MND program is led by Kolb, a physician-scientist, and in addition to the full-time research coordinator, he is joined by a clinical neurologist, genetic counselor, clinical nurse practitioner, social worker and nutritionist, as well as physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapists. The Ohio State Department of Neurology is a member of NeuroNEXT: Network for Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials and a contributing member to the Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS).

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Ohio State establishing national standards for ALS genetic testing, research and patient care | Ohio State Medical Center - Wexner Medical Center -...

To Read More: Ohio State establishing national standards for ALS genetic testing, research and patient care | Ohio State Medical Center – Wexner Medical Center -…
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Global Regenerative Medicine Market Insights, Overview, Analysis and Forecast 2022 NeighborWebSJ – NeighborWebSJ

By daniellenierenberg

Regenerative Medicine Market Major Players:

Players active in the global regenerative medicine market include Osiris Therapeutics, Cook Biotech, Organogenesis, Baxter International, Inc., Stryker and RTI surgical, LifeSciences, CryoLife, Advanced Cell Technology, Sanofi, BioMimetic Therapeutics, Medtronic, StemCellsInc, and LifeCell Kinetic Concepts, among others.


Regenerative Medicine Market Outlook

Global regenerative medicine market is growing continually, witnessing a massive uptake. Market growth primarily attributes to the increasing advancement in healthcare technology and the growing prevalence of chronic diseases. Besides, improvements in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell technology drive the growth of the market excellently.

Moreover, the rising uptake of therapeutics such as stem cell biology, cellular therapy, tissue engineering in applications, including cord blood, oncology, urology, orthopedics, neurology, dermatology, and others accelerate the market growth. According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the global regenerative medicine market is poised to grow at 25.4% CAGR throughout the forecast period (2016 2022).


Additionally, the rising uptake of stem cell & tissue engineering processes in the treatment of health issues ranging from orthopedics, musculoskeletal & spine, dental, and skin/integumentary to cancer, neurology, and cardiology substantiate the market growth. Furthermore, the increasing rate of road accidents, injuries, and trauma cases drive the market exponentially, driving the demand for transplants & surgical reconstruction procedures.

On the other hand, factors such as the lack of awareness, skilled professionals, and stringent regulatory policies are projected to act as significant impeders for market growth. Nevertheless, funding support for the development of regenerative medicines would support the growth of the market throughout the predicted period. Also, widening application areas of regenerative medicines in the field of stem cell reconstructive and skin grafting would increase the market growth.

Global Regenerative Medicine Market Segments

The analysis is segmented into four dynamics;

By Material: Synthetic Materials, Genetically Engineered Materials, Pharmaceuticals, and others.

By Therapy: Stem Cell Biology, Cellular Therapy, Tissue Engineering, and others.

By Application: Cord Blood, Oncology, Urology, Orthopedics, Neurology, Dermatology, and others.


By Regions: Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Rest-of-the-World.

Regenerative Medicine Market Regional Analysis

North America is projected to continue dominating the globalregenerative medicine marketthroughout the forecast period. In 2015, North America accounted for more than 44% of the overall market share. This huge market growth attributes to the presence of a large number of major players and pharma & biotechnology companies. Moreover, huge investments made by public & private organizations drive the regenerative medicine industry in the region.

Besides, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and orthopedic issues and increasing clinical trials to evaluate the therapeutic potential of products foster regional market growth. Also, the well-spread awareness towards the therapeutic potency of regenerative medicines impacts the market growth positively. The North American regenerative medicine market is expected to grow at a robust CAGR of 22.3% over the review period.

Europe stands second in the global regenerative medicine market. Factors such as the increasing per capita healthcare expenses and penetration of healthcare sectors in the region boost the market growth. Additionally, the rising government support and R&D funding in the life science developments substantiate the regional market growth. Markets in the UK, Germany, and France, contribute to the regional market majorly. The European regenerative medicine market is estimated to grow at 22.5% CAGR during the assessment period.


The Asia Pacific regenerative medicine market has emerged as a rapidly growing market. Factors such as the large advances in biotechnology and increasing government support for R&D are fostering the growth of the regional market. Regenerative medicine markets in highly populated countries such as China, India, and Japan support the regional market growth excellently, heading with huge technological advances. The APAC Regenerative Medicine market is predicted to demonstrate huge growth potential.

Global Regenerative Medicine Market Competitive Analysis

The well-established regenerative medicine market appears to be highly competitive with the presence of several notable players. To gain a larger competitive advantage, market players incorporate strategic initiatives such as mergers & acquisitions, expansions, and product/technology launch. Also, they make substantial investments to drive R&D to develop their capabilities and to expand their global footprints. Simultaneously, R&D funding programs initiated by the governments to enhance regenerative medicine capabilities are offering high growth potential. This is further going to attract several new entrants to the market and intensify the market competition further.

Regenerative Medicine Industry/Innovations/Related News:

March 15, 2020 - Research team at the University of Sheffield published their study on stem cell mutations that could improve regenerative medicine in the magazine Stem Cell Reports. Their study gives new insights into the cause of mutations in pluripotent stem cells and potential ways of stopping these mutations from occurring. It also suggests ways to reduce the likelihood of variations occurring in these cells when cultured. There is considerable interest in using Pluripotent stem cells to produce cells that can replace diseased or damaged tissues in applications referred to as regenerative medicine.


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Global Regenerative Medicine Market Insights, Overview, Analysis and Forecast 2022 NeighborWebSJ - NeighborWebSJ

To Read More: Global Regenerative Medicine Market Insights, Overview, Analysis and Forecast 2022 NeighborWebSJ – NeighborWebSJ
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I Tried The Slugging Skincare Trend & Here’s What Happened – GLAMOUR UK

By daniellenierenberg

There's no better time than a national lockdown to test out the coolest new skincare/makeup/hair trends and snazzy innovations in beauty tech from the comfort of your own home. That said, there's nothing more frustrating than spending upwards of 100 on a snazzy new hair treatment or at-home facial system, only to find out it doesn't *actually* work.

Enter GLAMOUR Tries: the weekly Instagram series which sees GLAMOUR editors do all of the time-consuming (and expensive) work for you.

We've been busy trying out all of the (sometimes) wacky but always wonderful beauty crazes to take the internet by storm - from the FOREO's UFO 2 Smart Mask Treatment to Sarah Chapman's 138 Meso-Melt Infusion at-home facial and Toni&Guy's Hello Day! Secret Volumising Crimper. These are the products that every veteran beauty sleuth is talking about - but that you want to do a bit of research into before buying.

Thanks to GLAMOUR Tries, you won't need to waste your hard-earned pennies on testing these innovations yourself. We're getting in their first, giving you the lowdown and making sure you invest in products that genuinely work. Like what you see? You can shop all of the products seen on GLAMOUR tries, with the click of a button, down below. Don't say we don't treat you.

On GLAMOUR Tries this week, Social Media Assistant Luca Wetherby-Matthews tried the Korean beauty technique of slugging. In short, it involves putting Vaseline on your face. Intrigued? Us too.

Vaseline, 2.99, Boots

The science behind it is that petroleum jelly acts as a moisture barrier, locking in your skin's moisture and preventing any hydration from escaping overnight. You can choose where you want to put the Vaseline... you could do it all over you face, or, if you've got oilier skin you could avoid your T-Zone and target the areas where your skin is dry. You could even target your under eyes or fine lines... the choice is yours!

You want to apply the Vaseline after you've carried out your normal skincare routine - yes, even after your face serum and moisturiser - as this is your final step. You're then going to sleep in it overnight and wake up (hopefully) with a transformed complexion.

So how did it go? "It wasn't as weird as I was expecting it to be," Luca said. "It does feel like you're putting something on that you shouldn't be putting on, but not too bad, so we're going to sleep in it and see what happens in the morning."

"There is a slight difference in my skin," Luca said when she woke up. The bits that were the most dry, like my forehead, I can feel are definitely smoother. So I think as far as skin treatments go, it's *super* cheap to buy a pot of Vaseline and despite its reputation of not being as chic as other products, I think it does the job."

Vaseline, 2.99, Boots

Would you give slugging a go? Have you already tried it? Let us know your thoughts over on Instagram @glamouruk.

I Tried The Slugging Skincare Trend & Here's What Happened - GLAMOUR UK

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Industrial Nitrogen Market to Reach Value of USD 29.36 Billion by 2027 | Global Analysis, Statistics, Revenue, Demand and Trend Analysis Research…

By daniellenierenberg

Vancouver, British Columbia, Jan. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global industrial nitrogen market is forecast to be valued at USD 29.36 Billion by 2027growing at a CAGR of 5.7%, according to a current analysis by Emergen Research. Nitrogen gas is used in a wide range of applications and end-uses, some of which include laser cutting, food packaging, coffee production, chemicals, electronics, breweries, oil and gas industries, and laboratories. Some among the primary factors driving growth of industrial liquid nitrogen market include major improvements in industrial gas industry, surge in demand from various end-use industries such as metal cutting and fabrication, manufacturing, and food & beverages industry, and growing demand from pharmaceuticals and medical industry.

However, increasingly stringent safety regulations, and structural and regulatory restrictions are some factors expected to hamper market growth to some extent. High production cost and labor force risk driven by accidental leakage of gas are other factors to consider.

In addition, demand for nitrogen for applications in cryopreservation, cryotherapies, and in cryosurgeries for removing skin tags, moles, and treating skin cancer is expected to remain consistent over the forecast period. Wide applications in preserving blood in blood banks, food freezing, rubber and plastic deflashing and grinding, cooling, preserving of biological samples, metal treating, pulverization, and other temperature-associated applications is also expected to support demand and drive market growth.

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Companies Profiled in Industrial Nitrogen Market Report Include:Praxair, Air Products and Chemicals, Air Liquide, Linde, Taiyo Nippon Sanso, Cryotec, Bhuruka Gases Limited, Sudanese Liquid Air Company, Cross Country Infrastructure Services Inc., and Canair Nitrogen Inc.

Key Highlights of Report and Developments

Check Our Prices@ the purpose of this report, Emergen Research has segmented the global industrial nitrogen market based on form, production technology, distribution and transportation, end-user and regions as follows:

Click to access the Report Study, Read key highlights of the Report and Look at Projected Trends:

Take a Look at our Related Reports:

Spherical graphite market size was valued at USD 2,435.8 Million in 2019 and is forecasted to reach USD 9,598.8 Million by 2027 at a CAGR of 18.6%. The spherical graphite market is observing a double-digit growth attributed to its increasing usage in lithium-ion battery production.

Sodium dichromate market size was valued at USD 759.2 Million in 2019 and is forecasted to reach USD 1,242.4 Million by 2027 at a CAGR of 6.3%. The sodium dichromate market is observing high demand attributed to its increasing application in pigment, metal finishing, chromium compounds preparation, leather tanning, and wood preservative.

Acoustic insulation market size was valued at USD 12.94 Billion in 2019 and is forecasted to reach USD 19.64 Billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 5.3%. The acoustic insulation market is observing high demand attributed to its increasing application in building & construction, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.

About Emergen Research

Emergen Research is a market research and consulting company that provides syndicated research reports, customized research reports, and consulting services. Our solutions purely focus on your purpose to locate, target, and analyze consumer behavior shifts across demographics, across industries, and help clients make smarter business decisions. We offer market intelligence studies ensuring relevant and fact-based research across multiple industries, including Healthcare, Touch Points, Chemicals, Types, and Energy. We consistently update our research offerings to ensure our clients are aware of the latest trends existent in the market. Emergen Research has a strong base of experienced analysts from varied areas of expertise. Our industry experience and ability to develop a concrete solution to any research problems provides our clients with the ability to secure an edge over their respective competitors.

Contact Us:

Eric Lee

Corporate Sales Specialist

Emergen Research | Web:

Direct Line: +1 (604) 757-9756


Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Blogs

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Industrial Nitrogen Market to Reach Value of USD 29.36 Billion by 2027 | Global Analysis, Statistics, Revenue, Demand and Trend Analysis Research...

To Read More: Industrial Nitrogen Market to Reach Value of USD 29.36 Billion by 2027 | Global Analysis, Statistics, Revenue, Demand and Trend Analysis Research…
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Research finds new proof about the systems controlling skin repair and regeneration – Microbioz India

By daniellenierenberg

As the air continues to dry and temperatures drop, the yearly battle against dry hands and skin has officially begun. New research from Northwestern University has discovered new evidence deep within the skin about the mechanisms controlling skin renewal and repair.

Skins barrier function gives it the unique ability to fight winter woes and keep water for our bodies. The outer layer of the skin, the skin, is constantly turning over to replace damaged or dead cells, creating new cells to reinforce the barrier function and heal damage. The gene regulatory mechanisms that control epidermis turnover remain incompletely understood.

Every month were covered with a new layer of the epidermis, said Northwesterns Xiaomin Bao, who headed the study. The next question is what does that procedure involve?

The newspaper will be published on Jan. 19 in the journal Nature Communications.

GeneticjunkThe scientific community has developed a wide breadth of knowledge about proteins, the workhorses of various cellular activities. Many mysteries remain about the nature of introns, non-coding segments of DNA that make up 24% of the human genome.

Regardless of the general belief that introns are nothing butgenetic junk, they actually play critical roles in modulating RNA transcription throughout a tissues lifespan. RNA transcription is the first step of gene expression, in which the data from DNA is copied into RNA, which is then subsequently used as a template for synthesizing proteins to drive the specific function of a cell.

Based on where transcription terminates within an intron or at the conclusion of a gene an epidermal stem cell will either remain a stem cell or become a specified cell barrier function. Bao said while its well-known that transcription ends at the end of a gene, her labs research found conflicting data.

Future research could have implications for carcinoma research.

Technology critical to the discovery of the phenomenonSkin cells are gaining popularity with researchers in part because of their regenerative properties and readiness to grow in cultures. This allows researchers to apply an assortment of state-of-the-art technologies. By growing skin cells and regenerating skin tissue in a petri dish, the Bao Lab can experiment with this fast-growing tissue to determine molecular mechanisms and regulatory elements within DNA.

Technology development is an integral driver that enabled us to uncover this new phenomenon, Bao said.

The group used a novel genomic technique that maps where transcription stops. The integration of proteomic approaches identified RNA-binding proteins which read specific regulatory sequences in the introns.

The team further leveraged CRISPR technologies to delete genomic sequences in the intron, which provided direct evidence demonstrating that the crucial roles of introns in modulating gene expression.

Before this study, mechanisms between introns to govern the switch between a skin stem cell and a terminally differential state (for example, a cell that participates in forming a skin barrier), were unknown. Most studies ignored introns, despite them accounting for 10 to 20 times more sequences than the protein-coding regions (exons) in the human genome.

The study demonstrates that different genes may involve different sets of RNA-binding proteins to recognize the regulatory sequences in their introns. These RNA-binding proteins help to mature RNAdecide whether to cut transcription early or dismiss termination sites within an intron during differentiation due to changes in protein availability.

We are only starting to appreciate the roles of the intron in human health and diseases, Bao said.

Results of this study could have broader impacts because, according to Bao, the procedures regulating skin cells are almost definitely not restricted to skin cells. Future research on other systems, including other epithelial tissues, will likely uncover similar patterns.

We are extremely hopeful that what weve found is the first step to knowing what we have ignored in the past, Bao said. My students also wish to know more about the RNA binding proteins which provide specificity in governing which site to use to terminate transcription.


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Research finds new proof about the systems controlling skin repair and regeneration - Microbioz India

To Read More: Research finds new proof about the systems controlling skin repair and regeneration – Microbioz India
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Comprehensive analysis of cell therapy on chronic skin wound healing: a meta-analysis – DocWire News

By daniellenierenberg

This article was originally published here

Hum Gene Ther. 2021 Jan 15. doi: 10.1089/hum.2020.275. Online ahead of print.


Wound healing has been greatly challenging in different acute and chronic skin injuries. Among them, non-revascularizable critical limb ischemic ulcers, venous leg ulcers, and diabetic lower limb or extremity ulcers are well-known refractory skin injuries that are difficult to treat. Partly differentiated progenitor cell-based graft transplantation or direct injection of autologous stem cells might promote the wound healing process. Studies aiming to comprehensively analyze the effects of cell therapy on skin wound healing could provide clinical evidence for skin injury treatment. Different databases were searched for full-text publications about the comparison between cell therapy and regular therapy. Heterogeneity was detected by the I2 method, and a fixed-effect model was applied for data pooling if heterogeneity was absent. Publication bias was analyzed using a funnel plot, and 10 studies were finally included in this study. After a long-term follow-up, fewer patients underwent major amputation in the cell therapy group, compared with the standard therapy group, and those in the cell therapy group were characterized with smaller ulcer area. Moreover, there was a significant difference in the wound healing rate between the intervention and control groups. However, pain caused by skin wounds was hardly mitigated by cell therapy in patients with critical limb ischemia. In this study, cell therapy proved effective in decreasing the size of ulcer and improving wound closure rate. Additionally, major amputation rate was decreased in the cell therapy group. However, the symptoms of pain were hardly alleviated by cell therapy in patients with cutaneous ulcers caused by peripheral artery disease-related critical limb ischemia.

PMID:33446038 | DOI:10.1089/hum.2020.275

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Comprehensive analysis of cell therapy on chronic skin wound healing: a meta-analysis - DocWire News

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COVID self-care tips for skin, hair and overall wellness – Los Angeles Times

By daniellenierenberg

Most of us would agree that 2020 was the shortest long year, one in which you probably lost track of your routines. Although 2021 might be off to a rocky start because of political unrest and ongoing COVID-19 shutdowns, its as good a time as any to take inventory of how you can improve your daily rituals.

Studies have shown that there is a psychological benefit to self-care. Grooming is important for human behavior because it makes us feel better and it boosts our self-esteem, said Dr. Amy Wechsler, a New York-based psychiatrist and dermatologist. When people are stressed, they stop doing their routines. Routines are important. They give us a sense of control, and right now people feel really out of control. Little ways to give you back the feeling or semblance of control are helpful.

For starters, Wechsler recommends maintaining your skincare regimen. A few minutes in the morning, she said. A few minutes in the evening. It helps ground a lot of people.

Here are tips and tricks from beauty and wellness experts:

Cassandra Grey, founder of L.A. beauty boutique Violet Grey, says that skincare as a category has been on the rise over the last four years. 70% of her business sales come from skincare while 25% of her customers are men.

(Naj Jamai)

Cassandra Grey, founder of Los Angeles beauty boutique Violet Grey, has built her business around a belief in grooming and wellness as an important form of self-care. Humans are motivated by three things sex, power and self-respect, she said. I think skincare or self-care or beauty products that enhance the way you feel or the way that you look really help you achieve self-respect because you feel like youre taking care of yourself.

One of Violet Greys bestsellers is Augustinus Baders the Cream, which has become something of a phenomenon since the German brand launched three years ago. It just works, Grey said of the cream (15 milliliters, $85), which reportedly triggers existing stem cells to repair skin. You use it, and your skin looks better. Period. Thats why its become a hero product. It is innovative in the formulation. There is not a formulation like that.

One of Violet Greys bestsellers is Augustinus Baders the Cream. Three new Augustinus Bader products a cleansing gel, body lotion and body oil were added to the brands lineup.

(Augustinus Bader)

The skincare brand, which was created by leading stem cell and biomedical scientist Augustinus Bader, has released a cleansing gel (100 milliliters, $65), body lotion (30 milliliters, $35; 100 milliliters, $95) and body oil (100 milliliters, $95), which all contain the companys proprietary technology, a combination of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesized molecules.

There are a number of result-driven brands and products on the market.

Among them are Protocol, which packages its Complete Renewing Line (four skincare products for $262) in airless, UV-proof bottles in order to protect its products oxidized retinol and L-ascorbic acid ingredients; L.A.-based Youth to the Peoples pro-grade vegan Protect the Planet Refillable Minis Kit ($60); Goops Glowing Skin Bestsellers Kit ($79), which includes the Santa Monica-based skincare companys top three products (an exfoliator, face peel and super-powder); New Zealand-based clean beauty brand Emma Lewisham whose Skin Shield Daily Face Antioxidant Protect + Repair SPF 30 ($57) is packaged in 100% post-consumer-recycled container; the Beauty Chefs Glow Inner Beauty Essential, a powder-based vitamin whole-food supplement ($65); and Chanels La Solution 10 De Chanel moisturizer (1 ounce, $80), the latter of which Wechsler helped formulate as the luxury brands consulting dermatologist.

Beyond skincare and cosmetics, Grey said her company has seen a rise in wellness products during the last year. Weve sold a lot of vibrators, a lot of candles, she said, recommending Craves Vesper Vibrator ($69) and Heretics Dirty Grass Candle ($85). Its these rituals where youre taking care of yourself and youre getting present and in the moment and youre feeling some comfort.

However, carving out time for oneself, especially during the ongoing pandemic, can be quite a challenge, Grey said. I wish I could say I was better at practicing what I preach, she said, but I think its always been a struggle for me to find balance between work, myself, my family and particularly now with us all sleeping at our offices. Were not working from home anymore. Its like were sleeping at our office.

DRX Spectralite Faceware Pro by Dr. Dennis Gross, $435.

(Dr. Dennis Gross)

With limited time in our schedules for ourselves, Grey advises combining self-care tasks. I do a treatment while I meditate because a lot of these treatments take time, she said, adding that a few of her favorites include Dr. Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite Faceware Pro ($435), Hanacures all-in-one-facial starter kit ($29) and Leonor Greyls scalp treatment ($48).

You feel refreshed, Grey said of meditating, mentioning that she favors YouTubes various free meditation videos. I think a lot of people dont meditate because they feel like they dont know how to do it, or they try to sit still and they just cant because they have so many thoughts or distractions or whatever. Its just about sitting still. Even if you dont get into a deep unconscious meditative hypnosis, its still healthy to sit still and try to get even just a moment of being present.

Iris & Romeos 3-in-1 Power Peptide Lip Balm ($26) is available at

(Iris & Romeo)

Keeping up a routine through this stay-at-home period is really vital, but its about connecting with yourself, said Michele Gough Baril, founder of Northern California-based beauty brand Iris & Romeo. Thats when youll feel calmer, grounded and connected. Having a modified beauty routine that makes you feel good, makes you feel connected but doesnt feel like a chore is critical. Its also important to get ready for yourself, not for others.

Gough Baril launched her brand in 2019 after a personal lesson in self-care. In 2012, she was head of marketing for Smashbox, but after she helped grow the former indie company into a global Estee Lauder-acquired brand, Gough Baril decided to step away from the beauty industry. I was completely burnt out, she said. I think this is really a common thing for a lot of women. We give so much, and we never take care of ourselves. And everything else comes first. Theres the needs of the family, the needs of the business, the needs of everything. It was really a time in my life where I hit that wall.

After a year of soul searching, Gough Barils created Iris & Romeo, which, she said, stands for all the things that I believe in sustainability, clean beauty; a brand that supports the burned-out modern woman and her mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Gough Baril launched just two skincare/makeup hybrid products in varying shades after exploring what makes [people] feel good. For me, its hydrated dewy skin and lips, she said. The brands Best Skin Days ($64) combines five products into one; its a serum, moisturizer and SPF that provides coverage and blue light/pollution protection. Women want a simplified routine, she said. What is the least you need to do to make you feel like the best version of yourself?

Chanels Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme matte lip color in Pivoine Noire ($40), left, and Rogue Allure Laque Ultrawwear shine liquid lip color ($40) are from the brands new Les Fleurs de Chanel spring/summer 2021 collection available at


Gabrielle Coco Chanel used to say, If youre sad, add more lipstick and attack, hence the brands wide array of Rouge Allure ($40) lipsticks. However, Gough Baril said theres a time and place for a red lip versus her brands 3-in-1 Power Peptide Lip Balm ($26). For Chanel, it was about the power lip, she explained. That bold red lip has a psychological effect. I wear one when I go on VC meetings. Theres something about putting on a bold red lip that makes me feel like Im in charge. But for me, the modern woman, what shes going to use every day is a lip balm, a little hint of color.

Gough Baril acknowledged theres no need for lipstick beneath a COVID-19-era face mask but said Iris & Romeos lip balms add the perfect pop of color for video-conference meetings. You just need enough to make you feel polished and pulled together, she said. Even though youre wearing your sweatpants on the bottom; on the top, you want to have a little bit of [something]. It affects your mindset. It helps you pull yourself together and say, Im ready to face the day.

Although quarantine might seem like a good time to try new products, Wechsler warned that its important to listen to your skin as you experiment. If youre buying new product, test it out under a small area on your face for three nights or three days to make sure it doesnt bug you, she said. Dont make huge, drastic changes. If you have a reaction and you used five new things, then you dont know what its from. Just add one thing at a time if youre changing, and be weary of a lot of strong fragrance in some things. A lot of plant extracts are irritating. Just go slowly. One new thing at a time.

Also, buyer beware: adult acne has seen a rise during the pandemic. Some professionals have been quick to label it mask-ne, but Wechsler has a different theory. Stress is known to cause acne, she said. I do think certain [rougher] mask materials can irritate patients skin, and certain mask materials make people sweat more and may make them break out more. But I think its the stress more than it is the mask.

To combat the problem, she advised that people look at their sleep patterns or, as she called it, sleep hygiene. According to Wechsler, adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. We heal in our sleep, said the author of The Mind-Beauty Connection.

Wechsler suggests monitoring your bedtime habits. Theres no way you can turn off [the] news and fall asleep in 10 minutes, she said, recommending you take a break from technology two hours before heading to bed. Play a game. Read a novel. Watch a comedy. Have sex, she said, explaining that a stress-induced bad night of sleep can lead to a poor complexion.

She also recommended double checking your products. A patient will come in and say, I have not changed any of my skincare products but now Im getting this rash, she said, explaining that its often the result of noncomedogenic products. A comedo is a blackhead or a whitehead. [Noncomedogenic] essentially means it wont clog your pores and cause pimples.

Her top advice: make sure you wash your face when you come home from being outside and wash your mask after each use. Ive found a lot of people not doing that, she said.

Acne can also be treated with salicylic acid, which, Wechsler said, is a nice over-the-counter ingredient. Conversely, she doesnt recommend products with benzoyl peroxide. Its really irritating, she said.

Consider your alcohol intake to keep your skin looking fresh. A list of products from brands making sustainable wine and drink alternatives and additives includes Rescue Ros, left, Kin Euphorics Kin Spritz drink, Brighter sparkling drink and Renudes Chagaccino coffee boost.

(Rescue Ros; Kin Euphorics; Brighter; Renude)

Another consideration is alcohol intake. If you drink too much, your skin will be dehydrated, Wechsler said, adding that its not known if one type of beverage is better than another. Its theorized, but that study has not been done. She said that peoples cocktail preferences and its effects are individualized but that generally speaking, drinking too much can harm how one sleeps.

If you need a drink, opt for biodynamic, organic and sustainable wines. After all, wine is known to have healthy antioxidants in it, Wechsler said.

Our suggestions: Rescue Ros, a sustainable California ros wine from Los Angeles-based stylist and animal lover Nola Singer. The wine retails for $25 at and benefits Los Angeles Love Leo Rescue, a nonprofit that aids animals in need.

Or consider swapping alcohol for a healthier beverage. Kin Euphorics Kin Spritz is a nonalcoholic spirit,made of adaptogens, nootropics and botanics, which includes a blend of fresh citrus, warm spice, hibiscus and ginger. A four pack is $27 at

Another option is Santa Monica-based Brighter, a sparkling tonic with prebiotics, acetic acid and apple cider vinegar, which might be refreshing but also supports gut health. Sold in a 12-pack for $34.99 at, Brighters flavors include lemon ginger turmeric and mlange.

Lastly, Chagaccino is a new mushroom and adaptogenic coffee additive from West Hollywood-based Renude that reportedly helps relieve stress, boost immunity and has anti-aging benefits because of its clean, plant-based, antioxidant-filled ingredients. Each box includes 10 packets for $29.99 at

Hairstylist Ted Gibson says self-care begins by taming ones tresses. Hair can transform not only the way that you look but also the way that you feel, he says.

(Ted Gibson)

Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson said that for many women self-care begins with taming ones hair. Hair can transform not only the way that you look but also the way that you feel, he said, noting that many of the women who have come to Starring by TedGibson, his Los Angeles-based hair salon, were eager to make major changes to their hair during the salons pandemic reopening.

They felt like before COVID they were one woman and after COVID are another, he said, adding that theres a psychological connection between hair and ones mood. It does make you feel better when you walk past a mirror and your hair is done [even if] youre in a pair of sweats.

His clients often associate their hair with major milestones in their personal lives, he said. If you ask a woman of a certain age, What defines you?, shell definitely refer to different hairstyles, he said, and different periods of her life.

From top to bottom and left to right: Headbands and hair accessories from Lelet NY ($168), LeLe Sadoughi X Stoney Clover Lane ($195), Ulla Johnson ($65), Sarah J. Curtis ($17), Tarina Tarantino ($55) and Suryo ($71).

(Lelet NY; LeLe Sadoughi X Stoney Clover Lane; Ulla Johnson; Sarah J. Curtis; Tarina Tarantino; Suryo)

Gibson said this pandemic is no different, and there are a number of quick at-home tricks to add a bit of style without much effort. One easy option is to change your hairs part. If youre always used to having your hair down the center, change your part to the side, Gibson said. It gives a whole new kind of sophistication because a center part can be a little girl-next-door and then a side part could be just a little sexier.

Another fix? A hair accessory can always go a long way, Gibson said, adding that a headband or jeweled barrette can make a nice addition to a ponytail or messy top knot to add a little oomph to your next video call, romantic date night in the backyard or mirror selfie.

A number of fashion and accessory labels have options including LeLe Sadoughi X Stoney Clover Lane, Sarah J. Curtis, Lelet NY, Suryo, Ulla Johnson and Tarina Tarantino.

When it comes to daily hair maintenance, Gibson said that most of his clients say theyve been shampooing every other day, which he supports; however, he said that hair does need a daily styling refresher.

Starring by Ted Gibsons Shooting Star Texture Meringue, $52.

(Ted Gibson)

Whether your hair is curly or straight or you want it to be a voluminous blow dry or after you put in some really beautiful beachy waves and you want the hair to have a tasseled feel to it, Starring Shooting Star Texture Meringue is the product I go to, he said of the $52 weightless mousse he created to use as a universal styling tool. I needed something that I could pull out of my bag that I could use on Debra Messing, Gabrielle Union, Lupita Nyongo and Sandra Oh. He said he uses it on himself as well because of its provocative fig, coconut and amber scent.

For her part, Gough Baril is quick to point out that hair, skincare and beauty routines merely scratch the surface when it comes to daily wellness practices.

The emotional, the physical and the spiritual well-being of a woman is interconnected, she said. Self-care is not just a pedicure.

COVID self-care tips for skin, hair and overall wellness - Los Angeles Times

To Read More: COVID self-care tips for skin, hair and overall wellness – Los Angeles Times
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Tess Daly opens up about being "grateful" for her body and not dwelling on the negatives – Allaboutyou

By daniellenierenberg

Tess Daly has admitted she is now "less obsessed" with how she looks since hitting her 50th birthday and is grateful to her body for giving her healthy children and a long career.

The Strictly Come Dancing presenter and mum-of-two, now 51, says she regularly sees signs of ageing like wrinkles and grey hairs but refuses to "beat herself up" and instead thanks her body.

Speaking to Mailonline, she said: "Number one, I am grateful for a healthy body that has put me in good stead this far and given me two healthy children and a long career doing what I love."

Tess continued, "I try not to dwell on the negatives. I look in the mirror and see new lines every day, I'll see the odd grey hair but this is life. I tend to try and not dwell or beat myself up about what I can't change and rather focus on what I am grateful for."

Tess, who co-hosts Strictly alongside Claudia Winkleman, 48, insists she has her glam squad to thank for her immaculate look on the show each week. She often documents her outfits to her 762k followers on Instagram.

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

The presenter also uses her Instagram account to give an insight into family life with husband Vernon Kay and daughters Phoebe, 16 and Amber 11, including photos from their Christmas together and from their wedding vow renewal ceremony.

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Last week, Tess shared how she looks after herself mentally and keeps fit during lockdown.

"Just done a quick 15 min online stretch yoga session-always helps put me in a good head space for the rest of the day; which feels all the more beneficial at the moment," she wrote on Instagram.

Strictly Come Dancing will return to the BBC later this year.

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Mineral gold and age-beating peptides support the skins natural collagen and help diminish the look of deep set wrinkles for more youthful-looking skin. Vitamin A aids therenewal process of ageing cells and support collagens collagen for younger-looking skin.

Olay Regenerist Anti Ageing 3 Point Super Firming Serum, 50 ml


This iconic product is one of the most popular anti-ageing serums on the market for its blend of high-performing ingredients and its affordable price tag. It smooths, revitalises, plumps, firms and improves elasticity. Not all superheroes wear capes.

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We're big fans of Superdrug's own B. skincare range it's really effective at purse-happy prices. This anti-ageing serum boasts high concentrations ofhyaluronic acid (hydration) niacinamide (vitamin B3 to help brighten skin), peptides (smooth wrinkles and stimulate collagen), andSpanish Needle (a retinol-like botanical that improves radiance, texture and firmness in mature skin).

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Tess Daly opens up about being "grateful" for her body and not dwelling on the negatives - Allaboutyou

To Read More: Tess Daly opens up about being "grateful" for her body and not dwelling on the negatives – Allaboutyou
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Eye stem cell transplant to treat blindness bolsters retinal function in monkeys – FierceBiotech

By daniellenierenberg

Retinal cell transplants are considered to be an attractive approach for treating blindness. Question is, where do you source the cells?

An international research team of scientists from Singapores Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York and Germanys Eye Clinic Sulzbach is using a type of stem cell in the eye to grow the pigmented layer of retina thats essential for vision. The approach is showing promise in monkeys.

The findingssuggest that these retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) stem cell-derived RPE, or hRPESC-RPE, may be a useful source for cell replacement therapies to treatRPE-related blindness caused by diseases such as macular degeneration, the researchers suggest. The results are published in the journal Stem Cell Reports.

RPE is a layer of tissue that supports the neurosensory retina and is critical for vision. An estimated 200 million people live with diseases associated with RPE dysfunction, including macular degeneration. Early attempts at RPE replacement used cells from the patientan approach with limitationsscientists have been searching for treatment using different populations of stem cells.

In 2012, scientists identified a type of adult cell in the RPE that's normally dormant but that can be activated to take on a stem-cell-like state with self-renewing ability. These cells have the potential to differentiate into RPE cells and could therefore be used for RPE replacement therapies, the A*STAR-led team figured.

In their study, the researchers took hRPESC-RPE from donated adult eyes and grew them into RPE monolayers. When transplanted into the eyes of monkeys on a polymer scaffold, theRPE patches stably integrated for at least three months.

The stem cell-derived RPE patchespartially took over and were able to support normal light-sensing function, the team showed. Whats more, the method didnt cause vision-blocking retinal scarring that has been seen with other experimental approaches.

RELATED:Reprogrammed skin cells restore sight in mouse models of retinal disease

Multiple types of stem cells, includinghuman embryonic stem cells and human-induced pluripotent stem cells, have been proposed as alternative sources for retinal replacement. A team led by Mount Sinai previously used gene transfer to activate a type of retinal cells called Mller glial to adopt stem-cell-like characteristics. The team prompted the cells to divide into light-sensing rod photoreceptor cells in blind mice.

Researchers led by the National Institutes of Healths National Eye Institute used five chemicals to turn skin cells directly into rod photoreceptors.

The A*STAR-led researchers believetheir study demonstrates the potential of using hRPESC-RPE transplants as a treatment for macular degeneration. Further studies are needed to test the method in monkey models of eye disease to gauge the therapeutic effect, the researcher suggested.

If the cells succeed, they could serve as an unlimited resource for human RPE. Because the cells are harvested from human eyes, the researchers suggested establishing hRPESC-RPE donor banks to provide cells that match individual patients so there is noimmune rejection.

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Eye stem cell transplant to treat blindness bolsters retinal function in monkeys - FierceBiotech

To Read More: Eye stem cell transplant to treat blindness bolsters retinal function in monkeys – FierceBiotech
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Seattle researchers find clues for treatments that could eliminate HIV in infected patients – GeekWire

By daniellenierenberg

Dr. Joshua Schiffer (third from left) and E. Fabian Cardozo-Ojeda (far right) led research published on Tuesday that provides mathematical models on strategies for optimizing treatment for HIV. (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Photo)

In the nearly four decades since HIV was discovered, only two people have been cured of the virus that has killed millions.

Researchers in Seattle are hoping to boost that number. On Tuesday, scientists from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington published a study that provides clues to optimizing treatments that could wipe out HIV in infected patients.

Worldwide, some 26 million people are receiving antiviral therapy to keep the virus in check, but the drugs dont completely stamp out HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The virus becomes latent, hiding out in cells until the drugs are gone. It gets activated again and starts reproducing.

One key component to HIVs reanimation is the presence of a molecule called CCR5 thats found on the outside of a certain class of immune system cells. The CCR5 helps the virus enter and infect new cells.

The two men seemingly cured of HIV, known as the Berlin Patient and the London Patient, also had cancer, one with acute myeloid leukemia and the other Hodgkin Lymphoma. As part of their cancer treatments, the patients received transplants of healthy stem cells, which produce immune system cells. They received the transplants from donors who lacked the gene that produces functional CCR5 molecules.

It appears that by suppressing the virus and then cutting off its pathway to resurgence, the virus can be defeated.

Since the 1960s, the Fred Hutch has been a pioneer in bone marrow transplants in cancer treatment, and researchers there are applying similar strategies for treating HIV.

Fred Hutch and UW scientists in recent years have performed experiments using pig-tailed macaques that are infected with a simian version of HIV. In one study of 22 monkeys, the infected macaques received transplants of their own stem cells, after they were treated to knock out the CCR5 gene. Researchers were interested in using the monkeys own altered cells because their immune systems would accept them and not perceive them as foreign invaders to be fought off.

One of the challenges of this approach to fighting HIV is figuring out how many of the altered stem cells are needed its difficult to produce a massive supply in order to overwhelm the cells that still produce CCR5. Add to that the rate of stem cell replication and figuring out the timing of administering and stopping antiviral drugs.

Thats where the new research comes in.

E. Fabian Cardozo-Ojeda, a senior staff scientist at the Fred Hutchs Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, took all of the data available from the 22 monkeys to figure out how to perfect the treatment. He and his team developed a multi-stage mathematical model to calculate the effects of different amounts of residual and transplanted stem cells, the HIV viral load and the timing of when antiviral drugs are halted.

Were trying to do interdisciplinary work to get that optimal approach for a cure, Cardozo-Ojeda said.

In order to control HIV through this strategy, the researchers came to two conclusions with their formula. First, a patient needs a dose of at least five times as many transplanted stem cells compared to residual cells, and second, before a patient stops taking antiviral drugs, the cells lacking CCR5 need to total between 76-to-94% of the total transplanted stem cell population in their blood.

While the study was based on macaque data, were generating possible hypotheses of what could happen with people, Cardozo-Ojeda said. When it comes to applying their formula to higher primates, we believe that could be translated to humans for sure.

The peer-reviewed study was published by eLife, a non-profit platform. Cardozo-Ojeda is first author of the study and the other authors are Elizabeth Duke, Christopher Peterson, Daniel Reeves, Bryan Mayer, Hans-Peter Kiem and Joshua Schiffer.

Read more here:
Seattle researchers find clues for treatments that could eliminate HIV in infected patients - GeekWire

To Read More: Seattle researchers find clues for treatments that could eliminate HIV in infected patients – GeekWire
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Reversing The Aging Clock With Epigenetic Reprogramming – Bio-IT World

By daniellenierenberg

By Deborah Borfitz

January 13, 2021 | As aging researchers are aware, birthday candles are not a good guide to either human health or longevity. But there is an abundance of clues in the genome and, as suggested by studies in animals, some of age-related damage is reversible by removing or reprogramming problematic cells or blocking the activity of key proteins.

As it turns out, DNA methylationa frequently-used biomarker of biological ageis not just marking time like a clock on the wall but actually controlling time within cells, according to David Sinclair, an expert on aging at Harvard Medical School and cofounder of 4-year-old Life Biosciences. The revelation emerged from a study recently published in Nature (DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2975-4) where Harvard researchers showed, for the first time, that the pattern of DNA methylation in the genome can be safely reset to a younger age.

It was in fact a prerequisite to restoring youthful function and vision in old mice, says Sinclair, who has spent most of his adult life studying the epigenetic changes associated with aging. Up until a few years ago, he thought the process was unidirectional and that cells ultimately lost their identity and malfunctioned or became cancerous.

It seemed crazy to try to get proteins to return to the place they were in young cells, Sinclair says. Proteins move around in response to age-associated DNA damage and end up in the wrong places on the genome, causing the wrong genes to be turned on, but scientists did not know if proteins could go back, where the instructions were stored, or if they were being stored at all.

As covered in his 2019 bestseller Lifespan, Sinclair now believes that aging is the result of the so-called epigenetic changes scrambling how the body reads genetic code. Were essentially looking for the polish to get the cell to read the genome correctly again, he says, a process he likens to recovering music on a scratched CD.

Yamanaka Factors

Sinclair and his research associates have been focusing on the eye, in part because retinal tissues start aging soon after birth, he explains. While a damaged optic nerve can heal in a newborn, the injury is irreversible in a 1-year-old.

Yuancheng Lu, a former student of Sinclairs, was also interested in the eye because his family has a vision-correction business and recognized sight loss as a huge unmet need, he continues. We thought if we could take the age of those retinal cells back far enough, but not so far that they lose their identity, we might be able to see regrowth of the optic nerve if it was damaged.

Among the foundational work was a 2016 study in Cell (DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2016.11.052) by Life Biosciences cofounder Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte (Salk Institute for Biological Studies) who partially erased cellular markers of aging in mice that aged prematurely, as well as in human cells, by turning on Yamanaka factors Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc (OSKM) highly expressed in embryonic stem cells. Short-term induction of OSKM ameliorated hallmarks of aging and modestly extended lifespan in the short-lived mice.

The lifespan gain was widely dismissed as an artifact of shocking a mouse, says Sinclair, since the mice died if the treatment continued for more than two days. Although the human health implications appeared unlikely, his Harvard team decided to try the approach using an adeno-associated virus as a vehicle to deliver the youth-restoring OSKM genes into the retinas of aging mice.

The technology kept killing the mice or causing them to get cancer until Lu decided to drop the c-Myc genean oncogenein his experiments using human skin cells. He looked at [damaged] cells that had been expressing OSK for three weeks and the nerves were growing back toward the brain to an unprecedented degree. Moreover, the cells got older by the damage and younger by the treatment.

As the broader team went on to show in the Nature paper, the trio of Yamanaka factors effectively made cells younger without causing them to lose their identity (i.e., turning back into induced pluripotent stem cells) or fueling tumor growth even after a year of continuous treatment of the entire body of a mouse. If anything, the mice had fewer tumors over the course of the study, says Sinclair.

Although the mice needed to be autopsied to definitively measure tumor burden, Sinclair says the study will be repeated to learn if the epigenetic reprogramming technique can increase lifespan.

Findings have implications beyond the treatment of age-related diseases specific to the eye, says Sinclair. Aging researchers have published studies showing other types of tissues, including muscle and kidney cells, can also be rejuvenated.

Clocked Results

In the latest study using mice, epigenetic reprogramming was found to have three beneficial effects on the eye: promotion of optic nerve regeneration, reversal of vision loss with a condition mimicking human glaucoma, and reversal of vision loss in aging animals without glaucoma. The latter finding, from Sinclairs vantage point, is the most important one. This is ultimately a story about finding a repository of youthful information in old cells that can reverse aging.

Results of all three experiments are noteworthy and have commonly thought to be three separate processes, says Sinclair. That is only because the fields of aging and acute and chronic disease are distinct disciplines that rarely talk to each other.

The Harvard team is pioneering a new way to tackle diseases of aging by addressing the underlying cause. This is the first time, as far as Sinclair is aware, where nerve damage was studied in old rather than young animals. In the case of glaucoma and most diseases, aging is considered largely irrelevant, when of course we know glaucoma is a disease of aging.

A variety of aging clocks, including some the research team built themselves, have been deployed for studies because they are considered the most accurate predictor of biological age and future health, says Sinclair. As embryos, cells lay down different patterns of methylation to ensure they remember their purpose over the next 80 to 100 years.

For unknown reasons, methyl groups get predictably added and subtracted from DNA bases across cell and tissue types and even species, Sinclair says. In 2013, UCLAs Steve Horvath (another Life Biosciences cofounder) showed that machine learning could be used to pick out the hot spots and predict individual lifespan depending on how far above or below the DNA methylation line they sit (Genome Biology, DOI: 10.1186/gb-2013-14-10-r115).

A multitude of aging clocks have since been developed. Eventually, we will need some standardization in the field, but there is nothing super-mysterious about aging clocks, says Sinclair. One of my grad students could probably get you one by the end of the day.

Booming Field

Aging research is a rapidly accelerating field and epigenetic reprogramming is poised to become a particularly active area of inquiry. In terms of numbers, there are still only a dozen or so labs intensely working on this, but there are probably a hundred others I am aware of who are getting into it, says Sinclair.

Life Biosciences began with four labs, but new ones are now joining on an almost weekly basis, he adds. Collaborators have expanded work to the ear and other areas of the body beyond the eye, he adds.

Were also reducing the cost of the DNA clock test by orders of magnitude so [biological age prediction] can be done on millions of people, he continues. In the future, aging clocks are expected to be a routine test in physicians arsenal to guide patient care as well as to monitor response to cancer treatment.

Harvard University has already licensed two patents related to the technology used by the aging researchers to Life Biosciences, Sinclair says. The company has built a scientific team with a group of world-class advisors who developed gene therapy for the eye, which will be tested first for the treatment of glaucoma.

The role of chaperone-mediated autophagy in aging and age-related diseases is another promising area of research being pursued by Life Biosciences Ana Maria Cuervo, M.D, Ph.D., professor, and co-director of the Institute of Aging Studies at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Cuervo recently reported at a meeting that fasting-induced autophagy, the cells natural mechanism for removes unnecessary or dysfunctional components, can greatly extend the lifespan of mice. She believes the triggering of this process might one day help treat diseases such as macular degeneration and Alzheimers.

The specialty of Manuel Serrano, Ph.D., the fourth company cofounder, is cellular senescence and reprogramming and how they relate to degenerative diseases of the lung, kidney, and heart. He isan internationally recognized scientist who has made significant contributions to cancer and aging research and works in the Institute for Research Biomedicine in Barcelona.

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Reversing The Aging Clock With Epigenetic Reprogramming - Bio-IT World

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Bath And Body Routines That Make You Look And Feel Good From Day To Night – Forbes

By daniellenierenberg

Bath and body rituals add to the feeling of overall wellness from day to night.

Long baths and showers are immensely underrated. The same goes for the body rituals that follow. Its strange to think that we would be willing to spend $300 for face creams yet scrimp on nourishing oils for the body. Truth is, bath and body rituals ought to be the norm instead of being an occasional indulgence. There are countless benefits that go with an invigorating shower in the morning, energizing body oils before heading out for the day, and a relaxing bath by nighttime. Apart from hygiene, the rituals that nurture and nourish our bodies are essential for overall sense of wellness. It can awaken the senses, create a feeling of balance, ease nerves and tension.

Firm, Toned and Cellulite-Free

Plant Collagen Body Mist for firmer and younger looking skin from ADONIA ORGANICS

Our bodies change in countless ways as we age. While exercise is a great way to keep our bodies in shape, skin tends to be less supple and firm as time progresses. ADONIA ORGANICS Plant Collage Body Mist is a plant based body spritz that helps to boost natural collagen all over the body. It is a potion that I love to use as a compliment to daily workouts. Formulation helps to boost the bodys ability to produce collagen, which is responsible for keeping skin smooth and firm. The non-greasy, easily absorbed spray creates a youthful skin tone and texture.

Reduce appearance of cellulite with ADONIA ORGANICS Legtone Serum

You may also want to complement your Collagen Body Mist with ADONIA ORGANICS Legtone Serum. Utilizing organic plant stem cells that reduce the appearance of cellulite, this toning serum renders visible results by 47% within nine minutes from first application. Rosemary Verbenone boosts cell renewal while Neroli helps bring back skin elasticity. It also helps improve the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. The Legtone Serum is also great to use for arms and other parts of the body where there is cellulite.

The Miracle Marula Oil Shower

Moo and Yoo Miracle Body Lotion is infused with skin hero ingredient, Marula Oil.

Many of us are in the habit of choosing a body wash and lotion based solely on scent. Oftentimes, we forget to look into ingredients or the sustainability practices that go into our bath and body products. MOO AND YOOs MIRACLE LOTION and BODY WASH leaves skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh without use of harmful fragrances. The company uses recyclable glass containers, which makes for a chic addition to the bath and body vanity shelf. Since getting into more mindful and sustainable beauty, plastics containers have become eye sores in the boudoir.

The Miracle Body Was from MOO AND YOO is packed with anti oxidants and ingredients with anti ... [+] inflammatory properties.

The Miracle Body Wash is blended with Marual Oil and Icelandic Moss, which act as an antioxidant. A soft powdery scent enhances that clean and fresh feeling after cleansing with the Miracle Body Wash. Following purification, the Miracle Body Lotion will help to revitalize skin, leaving a soft and nourished feel all day long. This duo is great to use for daily showers that set the tone for an amazing day.

Young, Fabulous and Polished at the Farmhouse

Just like facial skin, our bodies also need the regular exfoliation to scrub off dead skin cells. This allows for the skin to better absorb nutrients from hydrating creams, lotions or oils. During the winter, a scrub or body polish is recommended for addressing dry, flaky skin. FARMHOUSE FRESH Muscadine Moonshine Liquor Infused Body Polish is an intoxicatingly invigorating skin treat that helps to stimulate skin renewal. Formulated with Georgia muscadine grapes, sea salt and a small batch of Moonshine (distilled in Austin, Texas), this delicious body cocktail will leave skin feeling like silk. Its delicious scent will also leave you wanting morejust as you would your favorite happy hour cocktail.

Farmhouse Fresh's Muscadine Moonshine Liquor Infused Body Polish is an intoxicatingly delicious skin ... [+] treat that help to stimulate skin renewal

Moondip Back To Youth Ageless Mousse by FARMHOUSE FRESH is an ultra light body whip infused with ... [+] peptides and retinol to keep skin youthful.

After a body polish, pamper skin with the Moondip Back To Youth Ageless Body Mousse. This light-as-air anti-aging body whip is formulated with fresh notes of winter mint, apple, amber and greens. It glides like clouds against skin without the greasy or sticky feel. Infusion of age defying peptides and retinol visibly improve appearance of skin especially when applied over necklines, arms, legs and chest. Ageless Body Mousse is the jar to keep on your bedside for a pre slumber self care treat.

An Undisturbed Staycation

The Feelist Staycation Detoxifying Salt Soak is formulated with Broad Spectrum CBD, Himalayan, Epsom ... [+] and sea salts

CBD is a wonder ingredient for relaxation as well as alleviating pains and aches. It has also worked beautifully in soothing inflammation. THE FEELISTs best-selling Staycation Detoxifying Salt Soak is a treat that the body will particularly enjoy after an intense workout. This purifying soak is formulated with Broad Spectrum CBD, Himalayan, Epsom and sea salts to soothe and relax the senses. Light a candle, enjoy a glass (or two or three) or Pinot and soak in all the goodness on a Friday night.

The Feelist Do Not Disturb Extra Strength Body Cream will ease lull you into your deepest slumber ... [+] yet.

For a complete bath and body spa experience, top off your bath and body ritual with Do Not Disturb Extra Strength Body Cream. This restorative and relaxing cream is infused with an extra dose of Broad Spectrum CBD, essential oils and natural extracts that will ease lull you into your deepest slumber yet. This body cream is also idea for addressing inflammation and body cramps.

Magic at Midnight

Pink Moon's Midnight Melody Body and Hair Oil is hydrating, calming and multipurpose oil formulated ... [+] with essences of Night Blooming Tuberose, Petitgrain, and Ylang Ylang

Over the holidays, PINK MOON launched its very own calming body oil in small batches called Midnight Melody Body and Hair Oil. Since my very own bottle arrived, its been sitting on my bedside. This fresh, fragrance and clean formula of organic flower seed, apricot kernel and meadow foam is great for after a warm evening bath. Pat on slightly damp skin and allow to sink into skin. This will leave the surface feeling clean smooth and hydrated. You can also add a few drops into your bath for the most soothing bath after a long day of work from home. Essences of tuberose, ylang ylang, peppery wood and petit grain transport ease the senses into deep relaxation. What makes this the holy grail of oils is that you can also wear it as a hair oil or perfume. I love to massage this onto my scalp at night for hair that is soft, silky and revitalized.

Glow Like A Goddess

The newly launched Dry Body Oil from HIGH ON LOVE is infused with cannabis oil to give hair and skin ... [+] a goddesses glow without the greasy feel.

Self care rituals that leave you feeling and looking good are priceless. I particularly love pampering the body with oils and creams that help to amp confidence and sense of self. For years, oils that help create that glow from within radiance have been my go-to everything I set out to paint the town red. HIGH ON LOVEs Dry Body Oil is a gem that nourishes and illuminates skin. This non-greasy, cannabis seed oil formula softens and hydrates skin without the unwanted shine. For optimum results, apply all over the body. You may also use this for hair. Gently massage to allow the oils to soak. Tip: Use this body oil just before putting on that slip dress youve been waiting to wear for a special night out on town.

The Truth About Dry Brushing

The Perfect Skin Brush from ROSEBUD is made using sustainably sourced materials like sisal and ... [+] beechwood, resulting in the ideal skin lymphatic massager.

It was only very recently when my good friend and health guru Chechel Joson suggested I add dry brushing to my wellness routine. It exfoliates from dead skin and boosts lymphatic drainage, she explained. Skin is also visibly smoother and silkier after dry brushing. A few days following the conversation, ROSE BUDs Perfect Skin Brush arrived in the mail as on cue. Made using sustainably sourced sisal and beeechwood that paddle is firm enough to render maximum results even with light pressure. The key to dry brushing is to work towards the lymph nodes near the armpits and groin area. Start with a five-minute brushing routine and extend as the days progress. Follow your dry brushing routine with a warm (not hot0 shower) using a gentle body cleanser. Other benefits of brushing include: detoxification and better immune function. Tip: Try a quick dry brushing session just before a post-workout shower to feel completely energized in the mornings.

Soak, Disconnect and Breathe

PURSOMA's Just Breathe Ritual is a clearing sea salt concoction infused with clearing eucalyptus, ... [+] rosemary, lavender, and ginger.

Flu and allergy season has many of us looking for ways to ease and soothe discomforts from sneezing, sniffles and congestion. Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils are great natural remedies now occupying prime real estate by the bedside. Ive also recently added a calming and clearing eucalyptus bath treatment with PURSOMAs Just Breathe Ritual to the current routine. This highly therapeutic French Grey Sea Salt concoction, infused natural essential oils gives sinuses relief and supports immune strength. After 20 minutes of undisturbed me-time immersed in this ritual, mind and body emerges energized and feeling brand new.

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Bath And Body Routines That Make You Look And Feel Good From Day To Night - Forbes

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Worldwide Organ and Tissue Transplantation and Alternatives Industry to 2024 – Featuring Mylan, Novartis & Pfizer Among Others -…

By daniellenierenberg

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Organ and Tissue Transplantation and Alternatives" report has been added to's offering.

This report offers forecasts, by product segment, from 2018 through 2024, including supporting analyses for projections. Product segments covered consist of the solid organ (e.g., kidneys, liver, heart-lung, pancreas, intestines) and the tissue transplantation (e.g., bone, skin, cornea, heart valve) markets, along with the pharmaceuticals that accompany each market.

Also included are experimental xenografts and artificial organs; tissue transplants; and cell transplants (e.g., bone marrow, cord blood, peripheral blood, islet cell). The report touches on the use of fetal cells, stem cells, and altered cancer cells.

The arrangement of this report offers an overview of the key elements in the transplantation process: tissue typing, procurement and preservation, immunosuppressants for solid organ and tissue transplants, and postoperative monitoring. International markets are discussed, and information is provided on industry structure and the regulatory environment.

Within each section are discussions of commercialization opportunities for each segment of the market. New or emerging devices, techniques, and pharmaceuticals are highlighted.

Profiles of leading companies involved with solid organ transplantation, tissue transplantation, and alternative technologies are included. The report provides information on company placement within the market and strategic analyses of the companies' available and emerging products.

An appendix featuring various terms and processes used in transplantation is provided at the end of the report.

This report cites autologous products only in relation to their impact on the market for allografts. It does not include blood products, except for peripheral and umbilical cord blood as a source of stem cells.

Companies Mentioned

Report Includes:

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Summary and Highlights

Chapter 3 Market and Technology Background

Chapter 4 Market Dynamics

Chapter 5 Market Breakdown by Product & Devices

Chapter 6 Market Breakdown by Region

Chapter 7 Impact of COVID-19

Chapter 8 Overview of Donation Process

Chapter 9 Regulations & Reimbursement

Chapter 10 Competitive Landscape

Chapter 11 Company Profiles

Chapter 12 Appendix: Acronyms

For more information about this report visit

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Worldwide Organ and Tissue Transplantation and Alternatives Industry to 2024 - Featuring Mylan, Novartis & Pfizer Among Others -...

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BENEV Announces Investigative Report on Combination Treatment with Human Adipose Tissue Stem Cell- derived Exosomes and Fractional CO2 Laser for Acne…

By daniellenierenberg

This report outlines the investigative study that was conducted by a team of world renowned scientists, doctors including Hyuck Hoon KWON, Steven Hoseong YANG, Joon LEE, Byung Chul PARK, Kui Young PARK, Jae Yoon JUNG, Youin BAE,and Gyeong-Hun at Oaro Dermatology Institute (Seoul, South Korea), Guam Dermatology Institute (Guam, USA), Department of Dermatology, Dankook University, College of Medicine (Cheonan, South Korea), Department of Dermatology, Chung-Ang University, College of Medicine (Seoul, South Korea), and Department of Dermatology, Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital, Hallym University College of Medicine (Hwaseong, South Korea). Researchers involved in this study evaluated the clinical efficacy and safety of adipose tissue stem cell-derived exosomes as an adjuvant therapy after application of fractional CO2laser for acne scars. 25 patients consisting of 18 men and 7 women, between ages 19 and 54, 12 with Fitzpatrick Skin Type 3 and 13 with Fitzpatrick skin type 4 and atrophic acne scars, underwent the 12-week prospective, double-blind, randomized, split-face trial. Each received three consecutive treatment sessions of fractional CO2laser to the whole face, with a follow-up evaluation, and a post- laser split face regimen, where one side of each patient's face was treated with an adipose tissue stem cell-derived exosome gel. Exosomes in this study were acquired from human ASC-CM by ExoSCRT technology developed by ExoCoBio Inc., and the other side of the face was treated with control gel. Findings revealed that the adipose tissue stem cell-derived exosome-treated sides of the face had achieved a significantly greater improvement than the control sides at the final follow-up visit (percentage reduction in echelle d'evaluation clinique des cicatrices d'acne scores: 32.5 vs 19.9%, p<0.01). Treatment-related erythema was milder, and post-treatment downtime was shorter on the applications of human adipose tissue stem cell-derived exosome-treated side.

The investigative study proved that a variety of applications of human adipose tissue stem cell-derived exosomes can serve as a novel cell-free therapeutic strategy in the regenerative and aesthetic medical fields and demonstrated the suitability of adipose tissue stem cell derived exosomes as an adjuvant treatment modality in combination with fractional carbon dioxide laser for the treatment of acne scars.

This reportis an open access article under the CC BY-NC license Society for Publication of Acta Dermato-Venereologica.

"The science is clearly demonstrating that exosomes are the wave of the future not just for aesthetics but for many other areas of medicine, and the richest source of this material, by far, is adipose tissue," says Dr. Randy Miller, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Facial atrophic acne scarring is a psychologically damaging condition that can cause emotional, mental, and social disability. "With a huge percentage of the world population struggling with this condition, the need for widening of therapeutic options was astoundingly clear," says Dr. Diane Duncan, M.D., F.A.C.S. who added, "While ablative fractional carbon dioxide laser resurfacing has demonstrated clinical efficacy in acne scar treatments, patients have sustained side-effects during post-procedural wound healing and had demanded improvement. The adjuvant application of adipose-derived stem cell conditioned medium with synergistic effects in augmenting treatment responses and reducing adverse effects through its potential to accelerate tissue rejuvenation is a victory for those suffering."

The sentiments have been echoed by so many other medical professionals, including, Dr. JD McCoy, NMP, whose patient roster includes professional athletes who do not have time for extended downtime and need to recover fast. "Since implementing the addition of Exosome Regenerative Complex powered by ExoSCRT into my protocol, I've observed a significant improvement in the speed of healing, skin quality and comfort during recovery," said Dr. Richard Jin, M.D., PhD. "Patients suffering from acne scarring range in all ages, and the pain that they feel is very real. Ensuring that my patients receive the best treatment results with the least amount of downtime and discomfort is non-negotiable, and that's why I choose to integrate Exosome Regenerative Complex powered by ExoSCRT, into all of my treatments."

Exosomes are lipid bilayer-enclosed extracellular vesicles, 30200 nm in diameter, produced by almost all cells and present in all body fluids (810). They are regarded as an essential mediator of intercellular communication by transferring proteins and genetic material between cells. Several studies have shown that mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes carry the essential properties of mesenchymal stem cells suggesting that exosomes may be a compelling alternative in regenerative and aesthetic medicine, as they would avoid most of the problems associated with live mesenchymal stem cell-based therapy. Interestingly, recent studies have shown that human adipose tissue stem cell-derived exosomes possess the critical properties of stem cells and are as potent as mesenchymal stem cells in the repair of various organ injuries.

BENEV's Exosome Regenerative Complex powered by ExoSCRT was developed and designed in tandem with the 4th largest exosome research company in the world, ExoCoBio. The intensive dual action complex is quickly absorbed into the skin, delivering the concentrated power of over 2.5 billion lyophilized exosomes, potent growth factors, peptides, co-enzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. The paraben-free, steroid-free, and hypoallergenic patented technologies and ingredients are clinically proven to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. "Lyophilizing exosomes maximize topical therapeutic potential. Making them ideal for treatments," says Dr. Richard Goldfarb, M.D., F.A.C.S.

ExoCoBio's ExoSCRT, is an innovative patented purification method of separating and refining 0.1 pure exosomes from stem cell conditioned media. The concentration of materials is significantly greater than what can be achieved with a product such as PRP. Studies have shown that this product increases fibroblast production by 180% and collagen production by 300%.

BENEV Company Inc. Medical Advisory Board Members:

Richard Jin, MD, PhD, BENEV's Chief Medical Director, studied at the Boston University School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and the University of California Irvine. He completed research in the areas of cardiovascular disease, pulmonary hypertension, antioxidant enzyme properties, cell signaling, cellular redox mechanisms, free radical-induced oxidant stress, platelet biology, growth factors, and wound healing. For more information

Richard M. Goldfarb, M.D, F.A.C.S., graduated from the University of Health Sciences /Finch University, The Chicago Medical School with top honors in Surgery. He completed his surgical training atNortheastern Ohio College of Medicine. He did additional training in cosmetic surgery at theUniversity of Pennsylvania, Department of Plastic Surgery andYale University. Dr. Goldfarb's 30 years of combined experience in General, Vascular, and Cosmetic Surgery provides his patients with the surgical expertise they are seeking. Dr. Goldfarb established the Center for SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery in 2007. For more information

Diane I. Duncan, M.D., F.A.C.S., obtained her medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine. She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of several plastic surgery professional societies, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS). In addition to these affiliations, Dr. Duncan is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons (ACS). Dr. Duncan joined our Medical Advisory Board with over 30 years of experience in private practice as a plastic surgeon. She is an internationally recognized speaker and educator in plastic surgery and has delivered presentations at industry conferences around the world. She has also authored medical journal articles on a variety of subjects in plastic surgery and currently serves as a member of the editorial review board for theAesthetic Surgery Journal. For more information visit

Randy B. Miller, M.D., is a board certified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon practicing in Miami, Florida. Dr. Miller earned his Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Master's degree in clinical immunology and completed medical school at Jefferson Medical College where he graduated at the top of his class. He completed his training in general surgery and otolaryngology - head and neck surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. Dr. Miller performed his plastic surgery training at Baylor College of Medicine located within the Texas Medical Center in Houston, which is the largest medical center in the world. Dr. Miller is a former president of the Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the Plastic Surgeons Patient Safety Foundation. Having served five consecutive terms on the Board of Directors of the Dade County Medical Association and as a delegate to the Florida Medical Association, Dr. Miller is a member of, and has received presidential appointments from, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In addition to his role as a clinical professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Miami, Dr. Miller serves as a plastic surgery resident mentor. For many years he has served as the liaison between the University of Miami, Division of Plastic Surgery, and the Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons. Based on his research, publications and 25 years of clinical experience, Dr. Miller has become an internationally recognized expert in the fields of stem cell research and therapy, including human and veterinary tissue regeneration. Dr. Miller provides a uniquely comprehensive approach to aesthetics and age management. For more information visit

Dr. J.D. McCoy, NMP, received his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is one of the most accomplished naturopathic physicians practicing aesthetic medicine in the country. He completed an internship in internal medicine in Hawaii, and began specialized training, certification, and externship in cosmetic medicine and light-based therapies. Dr. McCoy has devoted his specialization, passion and his entire practice to the art of less-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation, weight-management, and natural bio-identical hormone therapy since 2003. Dr. McCoy's principles in the practice of aesthetic medicine include prevention, the use of natural substances (light/energy, nutrients and other natural substances), and the use of the least invasive treatments possible. Dr. McCoy finds innovative solutions that reduce or eliminate the need for more invasive surgery- beautiful results naturally. He is recognized as an innovator and physician trainer for multiple technologies and techniques in cosmetic medicine including but most certainly not limited to a Physician Member: American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, American Society of Aesthetic Mesotherapy, International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science. For more information

BENEV Company Inc.1-949-457-2222


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BENEV Announces Investigative Report on Combination Treatment with Human Adipose Tissue Stem Cell- derived Exosomes and Fractional CO2 Laser for Acne...

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Factor Bioscience spins out a new cell therapy player with eyes on the clinic within 2 years – Endpoints News

By daniellenierenberg

The quest for CAR-T 2.0 is gaining an mRNA player, as Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Factor Bioscience sends a spinoff racing toward the clinic.

Factor drew the curtains on Exacis Biotherapeutics on Wednesday morning, with Sollis Therapeutics co-founder Gregory Fiore at the helm of a small immuno-oncology focused team built around Factors technology. The spinoff has the rights to 51 patents and just a bit of seed money from friends and family to get it going but Fiore says an IND submission is on the horizon.

We are 18 to 24 months from an IND submission, and weve identified our first target, which will be CD19, Fiore told Endpoints News.

The company will be unveiling a CD19-targeted CAR-T and CAR-NK, Fiore said, with ROR1 as its next target.

The CEO says Exacis approach is what differentiates it from others in the crowded cell therapy field, beginning with mRNA technology in-licensed from Factor. The process starts with induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), which are blood or skin cells that have been engineered back into an embryonic-like stem cell state. Theyre created with mRNA reprogramming, and then edited to avoid host immune surveillance, add a CAR and enhance the cells for potency against tumors.

That iPSC is quite a robust cell. It can handle a lot of editing and the cells are able to recover from a lot of editing and manipulation, Fiore said. And the fact that no viruses or DNA are used significantly decreases the resource requirement for manufacturing, he added later.

The idea of an off-the-shelf CAR-T or CAR-NK therapy as opposed to harvesting a patients cells, engineering them into a cancer attack vehicle and reinjecting them isnt a new one. Allogene released a positive snapshot of their off-the-shelf CAR-T program at ASCO 2020, and CRISPR Therapeutics offered a glimpse at their own CAR-T success in October although it was clouded by the death of a patient given a high dose of the treatment.

Exacis team of four including co-founder James Pan and former MaxiVAX CEO Dimitrios Goundis as CBO is shooting for a Series A in the coming months to bolster its team and pipeline. The company also says its in talks with several potential development partners.

We are working towards a Series A funding to be completed in Q1 of 2021, and well use those funds to build out our internal team and lab, as well as further the development along the lines of differentiation into T and NK, obtaining CARs, really putting together these target cell types, Fiore said.

While Fiore stayed mum about the the specific terms of Exacis licensing deal with Factor, he said that Factor has a majority ownership in exchange for the execution of the license.

The CEO, who was inspired to get into the field by his fathers battle with cancer, said Factor and Exacis incentives were aligned. Theres plenty of opportunity to improve the patient experience as well as outcomes, he said.

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Factor Bioscience spins out a new cell therapy player with eyes on the clinic within 2 years - Endpoints News

To Read More: Factor Bioscience spins out a new cell therapy player with eyes on the clinic within 2 years – Endpoints News
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Spinogenix Wins Grant to Advance Testing of Potential Oral Therapy – ALS News Today

By daniellenierenberg

Spinogenix has been awarded a research grant from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to further test its lead compound as a potential treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the company announced.

We are pleased that the DoD has recognized the potential of our novel drug candidate to change the course of disease progression in ALS, Stella Sarraf, PhD, founding CEO at Spinogenix, said in a press release. The grants amount and its duration were not disclosed in the release.

ALS is characterized by the progressive loss of motor neurons, or the nerve cells involved in the control of voluntary movement. Although some ALS treatments can slow nerve cell degeneration, they are not disease modifying and provide only a modest survival benefit. Spinogenix also noted in its release that not all patients tolerate these treatments well.

Spinogenixslead therapy candidate is a small, orally bioavailable, molecule designed to induce an increase in synapses the point of contact between two nerve cells that allows them to communicate. Its goal is to restore these neuronal connections and reverse patients decline in cognition and motor function, two faculties often affected in neurodegenerative diseases.

Spinogenix reports that the compounds mechanism is well understood, and believed to work across all the diseases where synapse loss occurs, regardless of the underlying disease mechanism.

With this grant from the DODs Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs, Spinogenix aims to study the potential therapy using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) derived from both ALS patients and healthy controls.

iPSCs are stem cells generated from mature cells derived from the skin or blood that can give rise to different cell types, including nerve cells, depending on the particular chemical cues they are given. When these cells are derived directly from patients, they generate cellular models that mimic the diseases genetic and clinical diversity.

Additional experiments will also be conducted in ALS animal models.

Under the grant, Spinogenix will collaborate with researchers Rita Sattler, PhD, at the Barrow Neurological Institute, and Justin Ichida, PhD, at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of South Carolina.

Spinogenixs novel approach has the potential to demonstrate that replacing lost synapses may result in drugs that can provide a meaningful benefit for patients with ALS, said Merit Cudkowicz, MD, director of the Sean M. Healey and AMG Center for ALS at Mass General Hospital.

Diana holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, with specialization in genetics, from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. Her work has been focused on enzyme function, human genetics and drug metabolism.

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Ins holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Lisbon, Portugal, where she specialized in blood vessel biology, blood stem cells, and cancer. Before that, she studied Cell and Molecular Biology at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and worked as a research fellow at Faculdade de Cincias e Tecnologias and Instituto Gulbenkian de Cincia. Ins currently works as a Managing Science Editor, striving to deliver the latest scientific advances to patient communities in a clear and accurate manner.

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Spinogenix Wins Grant to Advance Testing of Potential Oral Therapy - ALS News Today

To Read More: Spinogenix Wins Grant to Advance Testing of Potential Oral Therapy – ALS News Today
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Exosome Therapeutic Market Overview By Size, Share, Trends, Growth Factors and Leading Players With Detailed Analysis of Industry Structure – KSU |…

By daniellenierenberg

DBMR has added a new report titled Exosome Therapeutic Market with analysis provides the insights which bring marketplace clearly into the focus and thus help organizations make better decisions. This Exosome Therapeutic Market research report understands the current and future of the market in both developed and emerging markets. The report assists in realigning the business strategies by highlighting the business priorities. It throws light on the segment expected to dominate the industry and market. It forecast the regions expected to witness the fastest growth. This report is a collection of pragmatic information, quantitative and qualitative estimation by industry experts, the contribution from industry across the value chain. Furthermore, the report also provides the qualitative results of diverse market factors on its geographies and Segments.

Exosome therapeutic market is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2019 to 2026. Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the market is growing with a CAGR of 21.9% in the forecast period of 2019 to 2026 and expected to reach USD 31,691.52 million by 2026 from USD 6,500.00 million in 2018. Increasing prevalence of lyme disease, chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease and other chronic degenerative diseases are the factors for the market growth.

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Exosomes are used to transfer RNA, DNA, and proteins to other cells in the body by making alteration in the function of the target cells. Increasing research activities in exosome therapeutic is augmenting the market growth as demand for exosome therapeutic has increased among healthcare professionals.

Increased number of exosome therapeutics as compared to the past few years will accelerate the market growth. Companies are receiving funding for exosome therapeutic research and clinical trials. For instance, In September 2018, EXOCOBIO has raised USD 27 million in its series B funding. The company has raised USD 46 million as series a funding in April 2017. The series B funding will help the company to set up GMP-compliant exosome industrial facilities to enhance production of exosomes to commercialize in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

Increasing demand for anti-aging therapies will also drive the market. Unmet medical needs such as very few therapeutic are approved by the regulatory authority for the treatment in comparison to the demand in global exosome therapeutics market will hamper the market growth market. Availability of various exosome isolation and purification techniques is further creates new opportunities for exosome therapeutics as they will help company in isolation and purification of exosomes from dendritic cells, mesenchymal stem cells, blood, milk, body fluids, saliva, and urine and from others sources. Such policies support exosome therapeutic market growth in the forecast period to 2019-2026.

This exosome therapeutic market report provides details of market share, new developments, and product pipeline analysis, impact of domestic and localised market players, analyses opportunities in terms of emerging revenue pockets, changes in market regulations, product approvals, strategic decisions, product launches, geographic expansions, and technological innovations in the market. To understand the analysis and the market scenario contact us for anAnalyst Brief, our team will help you create a revenue impact solution to achieve your desired goal.

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Competitive Landscape and Exosome Therapeutic Market Share Analysis

Global exosome therapeutic market competitive landscape provides details by competitor. Details included are company overview, company financials, revenue generated, market potential, investment in research and development, new market initiatives, global presence, production sites and facilities, company strengths and weaknesses, product launch, product trials pipelines, concept cars, product approvals, patents, product width and breadth, application dominance, technology lifeline curve. The above data points provided are only related to the companys focus related to global exosome therapeutic market.

The major players covered in the report are evox THERAPEUTICS, EXOCOBIO, Exopharm, AEGLE Therapeutics, United Therapeutics Corporation, Codiak BioSciences, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH, ReNeuron Group plc, Capricor Therapeutics, Avalon Globocare Corp., CREATIVE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS INC., Stem Cells Group among other players domestic and global. Exosome therapeutic market share data is available for Global, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America separately. DBMR analysts understand competitive strengths and provide competitive analysis for each competitor separately.

Many joint ventures and developments are also initiated by the companies worldwide which are also accelerating the global exosome therapeutic market.

For instance,

Partnership, joint ventures and other strategies enhances the company market share with increased coverage and presence. It also provides the benefit for organisation to improve their offering for exosome therapeutics through expanded model range.

Global Exosome Therapeutic Market Scope and Market Size

Global exosome therapeutic market is segmented of the basis of type, source, therapy, transporting capacity, application, route of administration and end user. The growth among segments helps you analyse niche pockets of growth and strategies to approach the market and determine your core application areas and the difference in your target markets.

Based on type, the market is segmented into natural exosomes and hybrid exosomes. Natural exosomes are dominating in the market because natural exosomes are used in various biological and pathological processes as well as natural exosomes has many advantages such as good biocompatibility and reduced clearance rate compare than hybrid exosomes.

Exosome is an extracellular vesicle which is released from cells, particularly from stem cells. Exosome functions as vehicle for particular proteins and genetic information and other cells. Exosome plays a vital role in the rejuvenation and communication of all the cells in our body while not themselves being cells at all. Research has projected that communication between cells is significant in maintenance of healthy cellular terrain. Chronic disease, age, genetic disorders and environmental factors can affect stem cells communication with other cells and can lead to distribution in the healing process. The growth of the global exosome therapeutic market reflects global and country-wide increase in prevalence of autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, Lyme disease and chronic degenerative diseases, along with increasing demand for anti-aging therapies. Additionally major factors expected to contribute in growth of the global exosome therapeutic market in future are emerging therapeutic value of exosome, availability of various exosome isolation and purification techniques, technological advancements in exosome and rising healthcare infrastructure.

Rising demand of exosome therapeutic across the globe as exosome therapeutic is expected to be one of the most prominent therapies for autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, Lyme disease and chronic degenerative diseases treatment, according to clinical researches exosomes help to processes regulation within the body during treatment of autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, Lyme disease and chronic degenerative diseases. This factor has increased the research activities in exosome therapeutic development around the world for exosome therapeutic. Hence, this factor is leading the clinician and researches to shift towards exosome therapeutic. In the current scenario the exosome therapeutic are highly used in treatment of autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, Lyme disease and chronic degenerative diseases and as anti-aging therapy as it Exosomes has proliferation of fibroblast cells which is significant in maintenance of skin elasticity and strength.

For More Insights Get FREE Detailed TOC @

Exosome therapeutic Market Country Level Analysis

The global exosome therapeutic market is analysed and market size information is provided by country by type, source, therapy, transporting capacity, application, route of administration and end user as referenced above.

The countries covered in the exosome therapeutic market report are U.S. and Mexico in North America, Turkey in Europe, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong in the Asia-Pacific, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Uruguay as part of Latin America.

Country Level Analysis, By Type

North America dominates the exosome therapeutic market as the U.S. is leader in exosome therapeutic manufacturing as well as research activities required for exosome therapeutics. At present time Stem Cells Group holding shares around 60.00%. In addition global exosomes therapeutics manufacturers like EXOCOBIO, evox THERAPEUTICS and others are intensifying their efforts in China. The Europe region is expected to grow with the highest growth rate in the forecast period of 2019 to 2026 because of increasing research activities in exosome therapeutic by population.

The country section of the report also provides individual market impacting factors and changes in regulation in the market domestically that impacts the current and future trends of the market. Data points such as new sales, replacement sales, country demographics, regulatory acts and import-export tariffs are some of the major pointers used to forecast the market scenario for individual countries. Also, presence and availability of global brands and their challenges faced due to large or scarce competition from local and domestic brands, impact of sales channels are considered while providing forecast analysis of the country data.

Huge Investment by Automakers for Exosome Therapeutics and New Technology Penetration

Global exosome therapeutic market also provides you with detailed market analysis for every country growth in pharma industry with exosome therapeutic sales, impact of technological development in exosome therapeutic and changes in regulatory scenarios with their support for the exosome therapeutic market. The data is available for historic period 2010 to 2017.

About Data Bridge Market Research:

An absolute way to forecast what future holds is to comprehend the trend today!Data Bridge set forth itself as an unconventional and neoteric Market research and consulting firm with unparalleled level of resilience and integrated approaches. We are determined to unearth the best market opportunities and foster efficient information for your business to thrive in the market. Data Bridge endeavors to provide appropriate solutions to the complex business challenges and initiates an effortless decision-making process.


Data Bridge Market Research

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Hong Kong: +852 8192 7475

Email @

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Exosome Therapeutic Market Overview By Size, Share, Trends, Growth Factors and Leading Players With Detailed Analysis of Industry Structure - KSU |...

To Read More: Exosome Therapeutic Market Overview By Size, Share, Trends, Growth Factors and Leading Players With Detailed Analysis of Industry Structure – KSU |…
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