Stem Cells- Definition, Properties, Types, Uses, Challenges

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Stem cells are unique cells present in the body that have the potential to differentiate into various cell types or divide indefinitely to produce other stem cells.

Figure: Stem Cell Renewal and Differentiation. Image Source: Maharaj Institute of Immune Regenerative Medicine.

All the stem cells found throughout all living systems have three important properties. These properties can be visualized in vitro by a process called clonogenic assays, where a single cell is assessed for its ability to differentiate.

The following are some properties of stem cells:

Figure: Techniques for generating embryonic stem cell cultures. Image Source: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (Nico Heins et al.)

Depending on the source of the stem cells or where they are present, stem cells are divided into various types;

Figure: Human Embryonic Stem Cells Differentiation. Image created with

Figure: Preliminary Evidence of Plasticity Among Nonhuman Adult Stem Cells. Image Source: NIH Stem Cell Information.

Figure: Progress in therapies based on iPSCs. Image Source: Nature Reviews Genetics (R. Grant Rowe & George Q. Daley).

Figure: Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Image Source: PromoCell GmbH.

Some of the common and well-known examples of stem cell research are:

Stem cell research has been used in various areas because of their properties. Some of the common applications of stem cells research include;

Because of different ethical and other issues related to stem cell research, there are some limitations or challenges of stem cell research. Some of these are:

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Stem Cells- Definition, Properties, Types, Uses, Challenges

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