Sherrie Hewson turns 70 with second facelift after tough year left her ‘broken’ – Mirror Online

By daniellenierenberg

Sherrie Hewson faced up to turning 70 this week by giving herself a real lift.

The Benidorm and Corrie star, who hits the milestone birthday on Thursday, has had a second facelift to boost her confidence after a really tough year that saw her beloved brother die and left her lonely in lockdown.

Sherrie says she was completely broken after her older sibling Brett Hutchinson passed away in April and she couldnt visit him because of coronavirus restrictions.

Brett died of a brain tumour and the shock of his death has left Sherrie more determined than ever to live life to the full.

She told the Sunday Mirror: I am still not very strong, I still have moments. Whenever I hear any Motown music, which he loved, I just cry. The pain is so terrible, my heart is broken.

Now I look at my life and think, Hang on a minute, what have I got, how long have I got?

I mean, look at my brother. Two years ago he was the healthiest thing on this planet.

So none of us know whats going to happen.

In ten years time I am going to be 80, so I need to be healthy and well for my grandchildren.

I wish I had planned more when I was younger. Instead I just went steaming ahead, thinking I was going to live forever.

Brett was only a couple of years older than me, so as I go into my seventies his death has made me want to live every day to the max.

I want to do everything now everything crazy, mad and wonderful. Everything that is possible to do I want to do it now.

And that all started with her facelift.

Dubbed the love handle facelift or LHF Sherries procedure took just minutes and she went out to lunch straight afterwards.

The procedure involved removing fat from around her hips and stomach. This was then combined with her blood, to release stem cells from the fat.

The mixture, a thick serum, was then injected into layers into her face without even drawing blood. The results will last five years.

Sherrie said: The LHF was a quick treatment and its given me such a boost. I feel like its rejuvenated my skin and restored all the volume its natural looking with no cutting, and it was all done in under an hour.

I absolutely love the results.

She adds: I had a facelift when I was 50 and Ive had bits and bobs done throughout the years a bit of botox and filler. But I havent had anything done for a long time now.

But as I approached 70. I just thought, What will I do for myself at this age? I thought I would give myself a last kind of boost so I can look in the mirror and think, Youre not bad for your age.

Its to give myself a lift after all the stuff I have been through, particularly in the last 18 months.

I need to give my self-confidence and self-worth a big kick up the a**e so can I feel good about myself and hold my head up high.

The actress , who lives alone, says she found lockdown awful and even turned to drinking wine every night to get through it.

She says: It was just terrifying being alone. Thank God for the internet! I have been doing the Wonderbirds show and Ive been presenting courses on Zoom. That kept my mind busy.

I did put on weight and I am trying to be more sensible now. I started drinking, and I was drinking every night which I would never do. Then I thought, I must stop this.

So I stopped for two months and I didnt even miss it. Thats when I realised I didnt have a problem. I was just bored and lonely.

Now Sherrie is hoping to spend the next decade healthy and happy and maybe even in love.

Her Corrie character Maureen Webster had four husbands, including Reg Holdsworth, played by Ken Morley. But Sherrie says she hasnt even had a proper date since her marriage to Ken Boyd broke down in 2001, after he had an affair.

Now she hopes her facelift will give her the boost she needs to start going out with people again.

She says: Dating is harder as you get older - the older you get, the more you lack confidence. I sometimes look in the mirror and dont know who that much older woman is.

Sherrie would be more than happy with a kiss and cuddle with someone with their arms around you.

She says: I cant imagine any more what that feels like that warmth and that someone who wants to be with me. Just that alone would be enough.

Sherrie, who played flirty hotel manager Joyce Temple-Savage in ITV sitcom Benidorm, says she has had a couple of potential love interests.

One was a younger American man she met on dating site Plenty of Fish. But they came to nothing.

She says: I havent really dated since I broke up with my husband except I did go for a meal with a man and I ordered a bottle of wine. He put the cork in the bottle and said he was driving and I said, Im bloody not! and took the cork out.

We got back to my house and he tried kissing me and I just thought, No!

But passion is still on Sherries wishlist as shes still open to an unbelievable affair with the right man.

She also has dreams of launching a travel programme for older people showing that they can still do crazy, mad and wonderful things.

Because coronavirus restrictions are set to change again tomorrow, with the new Rule of Six, Sherrie wont be able to celebrate her birthday as she had hoped with a big bash. But she will spend the day with daughter Keeley and youngest grand-daughter Rosie, who turned one in May.

Reflecting on her own age, the gran-of-three says: I have been on this earth for 70 years. Doesnt that sound weird?

The thing is how the hell did I get to number seven? When I got to number six I was gobsmacked. But you know what? A lot of people dont get to number seven, so how lucky am I?

Ive got a wonderful family and Ive had a fabulous career. My family are my life blood, I breathe for them.

And Im healthy, thank God. When you moan and groan about getting older and I do, all the time I tell myself my great grandmother, grandmother and my mum all lived until their eighties and nineties. So I am on a good wicket there arent I?

Sherrie admits she sometimes envies her daughters family life.

She says: Ive been on stage since I was four and, when I look back, my whole life has been my career.

I have no regrets, except that I would have had more children, given the chance. Keeley is at home with her three and I never had the privilege to do that. I was working so much.

But instead of dwelling on the past, Sherrie is determined to look ahead from now on. She says: At 70, I am still finding out who I am and what I want to do with my life.

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Sherrie Hewson turns 70 with second facelift after tough year left her 'broken' - Mirror Online

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