‘I need to talk about the ‘third birth’ no one prepares you for: The post-baby poo.’ – Mamamia

By daniellenierenberg

I didnt have any mum friends to give me the heads up on this a few years ago, and I vowed to never let someone else walk into that battlefield unprepared.

I know poo talk isnt very graceful, but knowledge is power, and absolutely no one had given me the much-needed secret poo power prep talk.

So, heres yours, with all the learnings that made my second time around much more bearable.

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Soften those bad boys up with stool softeners. If you ignore them, theyll go away only works for door-knockers. The longer you leave these guys, the harder theyll knock. With each passing day, your poo will join forces and create a solid army. A rock-solid army of pain.

Pushing can be a scary feeling. Everything down there is vulnerable, and I was worried I might give birth to my entire uterus mid poo. I didnt (phew). I found the stool softeners helped with this and I didnt need to use so much scary force the second time round.

So to sum it up? Prunes and prune juice are your friends, drink loads of water, and dont be afraid to ask for laxatives if you need them.

Hold your fragile stitched (or unstitched) front if that makes you feel more comfortable and secure. It may still be an uncomfortable experience, but it doesnt have to feel like the ass apocalypse I experienced. NO ONE PREPARED ME FOR IT.

Dont be scared though, Id still do it all again for my kids. Just be prepared so you can crap like a queen on the porcelain throne.

If you didnt struggle with a post-birth poo, I have only one question How does it feel to be one of Gods favourites?

This post originially appeared on Living My Family Life and has been edited and republished with full permission.

Katie Bowman is a mum to a 4-year-old girl and two-year-old twin girls. A part-time hairdresser, she spends her time blogging about her days of chaos on her Facebook page,Living My Family Life.

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'I need to talk about the 'third birth' no one prepares you for: The post-baby poo.' - Mamamia

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