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Real beauty is reflected in your skin. If you want a clearer, younger looking skin, non-surgical cosmetic treatments and some maintenance after that can let you achieve immediately visible and long-lasting results. You dont have to always undergo cosmetic surgery to improve appearance and reduce the signs of ageing. In fact, you can choose non-surgical cosmetic treatments to reduce wrinkles, plump up your lips, smoothen the surface of your skin. We spoke with Dr. Anup Dhir Senior Consultant, Cosmetic Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, Delhi to know more about non-cosmetic procedures that can bring a drastic change in your appearance and here's what the doctor had to say.Non-surgical cosmetic treatments: Broadly, these treatments are of three types. We can use laser and other energy based devices like radiofrequency and ultrasound, we can do injectables like botox, fillers microfat and PRP, or we can do time tested older procedures like chemical peels, dermabrasion and microneedling to rejuvenate the skin.Laser skin resurfacing for wrinkles is very commonly done with carbon dioxide or erbium fractional laser and helps by removing the top layer of the skin and making it look younger. Laser hair reduction is done with lasers for facial and body hair and normally six sittings are needed at monthly intervals.Radiofrequency energy devices like thermage, exilis, e matrix etc. and ultrasound devices like HIFU help in formation of new collagen under the skin by directing energy at a particular level under the skin.

Botox injection for wrinkles -This injection is very commonly used for treatment of facial wrinkles and weakens the muscles which cause wrinkles. It has to be repeated after 4-6 months.

Anti-wrinkle treatment by fillers is again a very popular procedure in which hyaluronic acid fillers are injected into scars and wrinkles. The resulting improvement lasts for 9-15 months.

Fat injection for scars and wrinkles are the gold standard for rejuvenation and in this, your own body fat is sucked, processed and injected in the facial wrinkles. Microfat and nanofat are the types of fat which can be used. The fat has its own stem cells and they help to rejuvenate the skin and improve texture and; help in face lift and rejuvenation of hands also.

PRP skin rejuvenation is done by taking your blood and making platelet rich plasma from it and this is injected in the facial skin and it can also be used in the scalp to reduce the hair fall and help in regrowth.

Dermabrasion involves taking the outer layer of skin with a diamond roller under a local anesthetic and the new skin on healing has less scars. The purpose of surgical dermabrasion is to help diminish the appearance of deeper scars and skin imperfections and smoothen the skin.

Chemical peels use a chemical solution to smoothen the texture of your skin by removing the damaged outer layers. It is one of the least invasive ways to improve the appearance of your skin. Superficial peels with fruit acids like glycolic acid etc. are also called lunchtime peels as they have hardly any down time and can give quick results. As sun exposure, acne, or just getting older can leave your skin tone uneven, wrinkled, spotted or scarred, these peels can help these conditions. They also helps to whiten the skin.

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