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Heavy increases in obesity have led to an epidemic of various heart diseases, including cardiac arrests and even strokes. These dangers have compelled doctors and research specialists to seek out new ways of managing these problems. One method that has been getting a lot of attention is regenerative medicine.

This treatment method, while occasionally controversial, shows an incredible potential that could solve many serious health problems. Specialists like Dr. Cameron Clokie, a health expert with decades of experience, are currently trying to find ways to make this treatment method more accepted by those who oppose it.

The Potential for Serious Health Benefits is Huge

Regenerative medicine is the use of stem cells and other regeneration items to promote more efficient healing. Dr. Cameron Clokie has preached about the effectiveness of this treatment method for years. And it seems like the rest of the world is finally catching up with him and others like him. For example, a recent study found that stem cells could help manage cardiac and nervous system diseases.

The careful use of stem cells could regenerate damaged heart tissues and help a person avoid heart attacks and other serious problems. Even more promising, stem cells could be used to help repair nerve damage that would otherwise leave a person paralyzed for life.

Stem Cell Research Could Save Lives

Think of the stem cells in your body as building blocks that will take whatever shape is necessary. They can become heart cells and patch a hole in this vital organ. However, they could also become spinal cells and repair severe damage to this crucial part of the body.

The possibilities associated with stem cells could be potentially limitless. As they can be manipulated to take the form of any cell, they could be used to treat a variety of serious health problems. For example, they could become white blood cells and fight serious viral problems. In fact, they could even be used to treat life-threatening diseases like AIDS.

One of the understated benefits of regenerative medicine is the way that it uses actual cells from your body. Think of the problems the medical world has had with artificial hearts. While they can be beneficial to many people, they are often rejected by the fickle body as an intruder. However, creating a working heart with your body's stem cells would eliminate that problem.

Why? Your body would recognize the heart's cells as coming from you and would accept it more readily. As a result, you could get a new (and real) heart to replace a severely damaged one.

Profit Levels Could Also Be High

One thing that has interested many people about regenerative health and stem cell research is the potential for huge profits. Many health experts have tried to stress the ways that regenerative health could help boost the world's economy. For example, a recent study on the financial state of this market found that it had an $18.9 billion global impact.

Even more shocking, it was projected to hit $53 billion by 2021. The major focus of this market would be in bone and joint reconstruction. The United States was expected to potentially make the largest profits in this area, which is something Dr. Cameron Clokie has emphasized in the past.

However, the European market is projected to be even bigger if the currently somewhat stagnant American regenerative market is held back by restrictive regulations or laws. In this way, well-meaning politicians could deny their constituents access to lifesaving treatments and severely impact the market at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Regenerative medicine of the type proposed by Dr. Cameron Clokie and others like him could transform the medical world. While the protests of people who find stem cells wrong are understandable, the major benefits of using them cannot be ignored.

This fact is why it is so important to help specialists like Dr. Cameron Clokie get the help they need to promote regenerative medicine breakthroughs. In this way, it is possible to solve serious health dangers.

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Canadian Doctors Like Cameron Clokie Are The Innovators Behind The New Era of Regenerative Medicine - French Tribune

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