‘Who does this look like?’ Fiona was scrolling online when she discovered a family secret. – Mamamia

By daniellenierenberg

Later that night, Fiona was searching her godfather's books on Amazon when she came across an unusual review.

"Dr Walker was my biological father and sperm donor," it read, and the commenter was trying to find out further information about him.

Fiona, curious, emailed the reviewer, Anne: She explained how she had letters and photographs, and she'd be willing to share them.

Through back-and-forth she'd discovered Dr Walker had assisted more than 100 families by using his own sperm.

By this point, Fiona was almost certain she was the result of this.

"When I fished out his letters, I found a drivers license of his that he had given me from when he was 16. And I showed it to my husband and said, 'Who does this look like?' and he just laughed, because it looks exactly like our youngest daughter," Fionasaid on SBS Insight.

"I went and had a chat to my mum and I said, 'Look, something's going on here and I'd like you to tell me the truth.'"

Fiona's mother told her they'd used a sperm donor. She said Dr Walker was her gynaecologist, and sperm donations usually come from medical students.

Fiona, then 53, asked her mother if Dr Walker was the donor, but her mother couldn't give her a straight answer.

Fiona and her mother. Image: Supplied.

She told Insight she was devastated.

"It made a lot ofsense, but at the same timeI was really angry that I'd been lied to. It was a bit of a rollercoaster, I'd be thinking it was prettycool one moment and then prettyhorrible the next moment. It's been like that eversince," she said.

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'Who does this look like?' Fiona was scrolling online when she discovered a family secret. - Mamamia

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