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As a beauty writer and longtime skincare fanatic, Ive subscribed to various multi-step routines. Fast forward to having a baby and the general day-to-day life upheaval that comes along with it, and my definition of a worthwhile personal beauty regimen has changed a bit. While I still enjoy trying new products and learning about innovations in the beauty space, I find myself with less time (and patience) for the more laborious treatments and layering routines, and more interest in noticeable efficacy and multitasking capabilities.

The most effective skincare products and tools are great for paring down your routineand also ... [+] saving you some precious minutes in your day.

And whether youre a busy mom or simply short on me time these days (who isnt?), there are a myriad of tried-and-true products that get the job done without requiring a ton of effort on your part. From Herauxs next-level anti-inflammaging serum to NuFaces skin-smoothing device, these standout skincare products and tools are ideal for a results-driven regimen thats effective enough to knock a few steps off your routineand save you some precious minutes in your day.

Since its launch seven years ago, this antioxidant-rich hydrating facial oil has remained a cult favorite for anyone who wants an instant glow, with the added benefit of skin soothing, balancing and repair. Infused with 22 active botanical and essential oils, the lightweight yet potent treatment can help with everything from acne to sun damage. And when applied using founder April Gargiulos signature push-press technique, it feels like a simple yet luxurious way to start and end the day.

Like the brands Trinity device, the NuFace Fix uses microcurrent technology at a gentler level to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles on the more delicate areas of the face: on the forehead, between brows and around the eyes and lips (filler-free plumping, anyone?). Its sleek, compact shape combined with ease of use makes it a no-brainer for skin smoothing results in a matter of minutes. Plus, it holds an ample 120-minute charge, which amounts to a couple months worth of use before needing to plug it ini.e. no fumbling with cords or a hefty device on a regular basis.

The latest product in Kate McLeods sustainably packaged, handcrafted self care collection and the first to focus on skincare, the Face Stone is essentially a waterless moisturizer that melts on contact with skin. A rich blend of nourishing and antioxidant ingredients like blue tansy, kokum butter and plum kernal borage helps even and soothe stressed skinsomething we could all use these days. An added bonus? Its solid form and shape makes it a natural massaging tool, making it ideal for a morning pick-me-up or the start of an evening wind-down ritual.

While it covers your mineral-based broad spectrum sunscreen needs, this multitasker does much more than that. The unique product uses the U Beautys proprietary Sun-Siren Capsule Technology to help reduce hyperpigmentation, discoloration and dark spots (whether from pregnancy melasma or suntanning sins of the past) while also shielding against UVA, UVB, infrared and blue light exposure. A little goes a long way with this rich balm-cream formula, and its hydrating enough to double as a moisturizer or primer by day and also great as an overnight spot treatment.

An excellent (and cleaner) dupe for Biologique Recherches oft-elusive Lotion P50, this Moon Juice exfoliator is a skin savior in its own right. The liquid formula includes glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids for gentle, pore-minimizing exfoliation paired with niacinamide and adaptogenic reishi to help boost the skins natural barrier. And besides looking pretty, the packaging is completely recyclable, from the sculptural cap and glass bottle to the outer carton.

January Labs is a clean beauty favorite for its science-backed, results-driven products that have long been favored by top aestheticians. Even those with more sensitive (or dry) skin can use this retinol serum without dealing with typical downsides (like redness, drying or peeling) thanks to its use of Retistar, a .5% retinol thats super effective yet non-irritating.

This at-home peel is as easy as can be, requiring a single once-over with the pre-soaked pad to revive dull skin. The duo of glycolic and salicylic acids provide skin-smoothing exfoliation while ingredients like chamomile and bilberry extract calm, soothe and help even skin tone. Pro tip: Use up excess product on any dry, flakey patches on arms and legs.

Created by stem cell biologists at the University of Southern California, this innovative serum features an anti-inflammaging HX-1 molecule thats combined with tried-and-tested ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptides and red maple bark. The result? A silky, lightweight formula thats both rejuvenating (designed to help reduce the effects of stress and aging factors on skin) and preventative (strengthening stem cells on a molecular level).

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The Best Skincare Treatments For Time-Crunched Moms (Or Anyone Else Who Only Has Five Minutes To Spare) - Forbes

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