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After 20 years in general and cosmetic medicine, in 2004 Dr Ralph Bright encountered his first experience with biological medicine. Dr. Bright performed a cosmetic fat transfer into a patients leg to improve the appearance of a split skin graft after having a cancerous growth removed.Typically, you will need to transfer the fat a few times to achieve the desired shape.

Thats when Dr. Bright read the work of Patricia Zuk which was published in 2001. He had come to understand, body fat actually contains numerous different cell lines that can help repair damage in your body.

Moving forward to 2008, Dr Bright was invited to teach veterinarians how to perform liposuction on dogs. This struck him as odd Why do dogs need liposuction?After signing a confidentiality waiver they showed Dr Bright a dog who looked perfectly healthy and commented, just 6 months ago this dog could not get off the ground because they were riddled with arthritis. The veterinarians were using the dogs own body fat to treat the dogs arthritis.

Later, in 2008 one of Dr Brights patients repetitively requestedI need this treatment for my arthritis, I need you to try it.After a lot of research, in 2009 Dr Bright agreed to treat her. This was Dr Brights very first patient for this process.In fact it was the very first patient to ever receive treatment for their osteoarthritis using their own body fat in Australia.

That patient responded phenomenally well, so we treated a series of 6 patients and published these results in the medical journals. These results prompted Dr. Bright to start the new medical company we got to know as Macquarie Stem Cells.

Fast forward 10 years, Macquarie Stem Cells now has multiple doctors, nurses, cell biologists, cell technicians, consultants with a team of allied health professionals. Our results are significantly better, with higher success rates for our patients receiving treatment.We also perform a significant amount of research using our own private funding, including an upcoming placebo controlled clinical trial.

Thats the thing about medicine and innovation, its scary and its risky but, at the end of the day someone has to get up and lead the way. This is our way of giving back to the community.

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Macquarie Stem Cells Treatment - Sydney, Melbourne, Perth ...

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