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Two years ago I received an Augustinus Bader cream in a goody bag. I hadnt heard of it at the time, so paid little attention, although it looked nice enough a sleek, big blue bottle with rose gold accents. Shortly after, having just run out of my current moisturiser, I dug it out to give it a go. A few days later, forensically inspecting my skin in the mirror as I am wont to do in my more idle moments, I thought this stuff is actually really great. This was swiftly followed by another thought oh dear when I discovered it costs a whopping 205 a pop (for 50ml, you can get 15ml for 65). But it was too late, I was hooked. And that is how I became a woman who drops 205 on a moisturiser.

I am probably the least glamorous and definitely least well-known member of the Augustinus Bader fan club, which has swiftly reached legendary status in the beauty world and beyond. Kim Kardashian West, Naomi Campbell, Kate Bosworth, Priyanka Chopra and Diane Kruger all love the cult brand. Victoria Beckham invited Professor Bader to sit front row at her AW20 show; she also tapped his talents to collaborate with her on her debut skincare line (from seeing VB up close I can testify that this is a woman who knows good skincare, and the Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum is indeed excellent).

Professor Augustinus Bader and Victoria Beckham Getty

The latest addition to the Bader fan club is Emma Corrin. Prepping the new Diana for The Crowns Zoom press junket this week, her makeup artist Florrie White revealed she used The Cream and The Face Oil on the young actress. I use The Cream on everyone; me and my clients, White tells me. It instantly plumps and smooths the skin with three perfect pumps and creates a calm and luxurious base for every make-up look. Everyone always comments on how lovely it feels on their skin.

Today Augustinus Bader is a cult phenomenon but the founder is a man who seems to be more at home in a laboratory than on a red carpet. A leader in stem cell biology, and head of stem cell research at the University of Leipzig, Professor Bader has spent over 30 years focusing on how reawakening these cells can aid the healing process in particular embarking on a mission to help burns victims. In 2008, Bader formulated a groundbreaking wound gel that could help heal third-degree burns without the aid of surgery or skin grafts.

It was this breakthrough that led to the founding of the skincare line. After all, if it could have this effect on serious injuries, imagine what the technology could do for those of us lucky enough to have run-of-the-mill skin niggles? The brand launched with two hero products: The Cream and The Rich Cream which, according to the brand literature, contain patented TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex) technology, which supports the skins natural processes, leaving all skin types mature, dry, oily, or sensitive looking restored, renewed and regenerated.

I was useless at science at school and all this technical talk is pure gobbledygook to me. What I can tell you is what its done for me. My skin is super sensitive, I have eczema, and have found that Augustinus Bader creams genuinely help to soothe it when it is aggravated. I have found that since using it, my complexion appears clearer, more even and the Holy Grail of beauty dewy (despite drinking gallons of water a day, I have never achieved that before). My mum, who observes me with the scrutiny that only mothers do, confirms that my skin looks great (I am privvy only to this information because she thought it was a result of finally listening to her by stopping smoking and making the hours before midnight count). Is it expensive? Well, yes, theres no way around that. However, in much the same way that I think that an impeccably cut designer jacket earns its value back in cost per wear, I have found that since using The Cream and The Rich Cream my skincare regime has simplified.

Sure, theres an element of hype involved. I still find it thrilling to be In The Know about something. But, for me and my skin, Augustinus Bader lives up to it. Believe me, I wish it wasnt true (I am not snobby with beauty products, and would happily wax lyrical about a 5 wonder find if Id discovered one), but thats the 205 price I have to pay and Id say its worth it.

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Discover The Augustinus Bader Wonder Cream Loved By The A List - Grazia

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