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The health focus today is squarely on the bodys natural defense system. Until there is a vaccination, preventative measures are all we can turn to. Ayurveda can help, experts believe, especially a technique thats been gaining popularity. It's called Photo Bio Modulation (PBM). Availableat Indus Valley AyurvedicCentre (IVAC) in Mysore, itsan emerging medical practicein which exposure to low-level laser light or light-emitting diodes stimulates cellular function. This results in beneficial clinical outcomes for various conditions and diseases, primarily low immunity, in addition to lung disorders, respiratory disorders, joint problems, skin issues, and stress.

How does it work?Also known as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), it increases the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in the mitochondria of the cells, which scavenges the free radicals. By doing so, it stimulates stem cell proliferation, lymph nodes associated with respiratory tract, the immune system and stimulates local tissues to support lung function leading to protection from asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, says Dr Talavane Krishna, Founder,President, IVAC.

Nasal ApplicationWhile PBM is gaining prominence now, processes such as nasal application, part of Panchakarma (five actions) treatment, have been a standard Ayurvedic antidote to viruses for aeons. One has to apply different herbal powders, liquid extracts, medicated ghee or oil inside the nostrils. Medications like Anu Taila, sesame or coconut oil, Brahmi ghrutha etc are antimicrobial and act as a protective filter inside the nose and throatthe primary entry point for the viruses. This simple procedure could be a daily practice for both adults and children.

Oil pulling Likewise, oil pulling with sesame or coconut oil as a daily oral health practice is useful. It involves swishing a teaspoon of oil in the mouth for three-five minutes and then spitting the oil, followed by washing/brushing the mouth. This kills bacteria that may lead to tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease.

Rasayana This is one of the eight major branches of Ayurveda. Popularly known as a form of rejuvenation therapy, not only does it focus on anti-aging, but also immunity. This is accomplished by taking certain Ayurvedic preparations, food based on body constitution, and following an Ayurvedic way of life. This increases Ojas, the very essence of the bodys immunity. Medicines include single herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Amrita, and formulations like Chyavanaprash, Triphala, Makaradhwaja, notto mention regular body-mind detoxifications like Panchakarma and Rejuvenation.

Balance is keyKeeping the body alignedwith its natural rhythms is a prerequisite to the success of your health. For this, Ayurvedic principles namely Dhincharya (daily regime) and Rithucharya (seasonal regime) are crucial. Dhinacharya looks at aspects such as oral hygiene, yoga, pranayama, meditation, diet, bowel movements and more. Ritucharya describes the various changes in our body during the different seasonsand its effect on health. Italso teaches us how to keepa good balance.

The importance of dietcannot be negated, therefore ensure you add ginger, garlic, pepper, turmeric, clove, cumin, fenugreek and cinnamon in your food as all these ingredients build the immunesystem and bring aboutperfect balance, says Gita Ramesh, Joint MD, Kairali Ayurvedic Group.Dont forget to take warm showers and apply sesame oil on the entire body before the morning bath. Allow nostrils to be lubricated by application of cow ghee or oil, and do warm turmeric water gargles regularly, says Dr Aruna Bhide, Senior Ayurveda Doctor and Consultant, Mercure Goa Devaaya Retreat. Breathing exerciseslike Anulom vilom pranayama (alternate breathing), Kapal bhati (forceful exhalation) and Nadi shuddhi pranayama are beneficial too. Keep in mind to exercise until you sweat as this is the best way to excrete toxins.

Potions for healing(Do consult an Ayurvedic doctor)

Indukantha Kashyam Prevents the recurrence of debilitating diseases and keeps the body healthyVilwadi GulikaA tablet used as a treatment for insect bites, rodent bites, gastroenteritis etc.

Chyawanprash High in Vitamin C, it aids in the production of haemoglobinand white blood cells

Kushmandarasayana Comes in a herbal jam form and is used in respiratory conditions

TriphalaGhritam Support bowel health and aids digestion. As an antioxidant, its also thought to detoxify the body and support immunity.

AshwagandhaIt has demonstrated excellent immune-boosting effects, and has also shown to encourage anti-inflammatory and disease-fighting immune cells, thatkeep illnesses at bay

Amrita Used as a blood purifierMakaradhwaja A mineral-based preparation used for its aphrodisiac characteristics, it enhances the effectiveness of several medicines

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COVID-19: The Prevention Prescription - The New Indian Express

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